Become Anion Panty Liner Distributor

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Become Anion Panty Liner Distributor

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Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin or Pad is the first and only hygienic antibacterial sanitary napkin or pad in the market and the world.

What Is Anion?

Anion in the air is like vitamin in the food, with great benefits for health and daily life. Also referred as “Vitamin in Air”, it can effectively facilitate body growth as well as disease prevention.

Major Characteristics and Benefits of Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin
  • Eliminates Bacteria.
    Eradicates Odour.
    Enhances Hormonal Balance.
    Treats Inflammation.
    Removes stress or Fatigue/Tiredness.
    Strengthens Immunity.
    Improves Metabolism.
    Reduces Stress.
FREE DELIVERY to offices and homes. Delivery available to Lagos only at N17,500.00

Registering as a Winalite Distributor is £58 or $96 or N14400. It is cheaper to join as a distributor and save money when buying your products. You can make lots of money selling the products.

For SALES ORDERS & Business Opportunity, pls contact:

Ngozi ---08023252586,08055858911

EMAIL: [email protected].

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