I'm a Nurse and not a Physician

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I'm a Nurse and not a Physician

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I'm a Nurse and not a Physician

I am not particularly trained to diagnose and prescribe medications but I am responsible to ensure that every of my patient is not wrongly diagnosed and the plan of care is appropriate for them and adhered to. I am the extra eye (third eye) for the doctors, pointing them to see what they might be missing out.

You will find me in the operating room not cutting people open but ensuring patient's safety through out the procedure and that they go into the theatre with enough understanding of the procedure and necessary courage to undergo the surgery. Anxiety left unattended to, is enough to kill a patient.

Even apart from surgeries, I take my time to provide the needed education to every patient. I owe every patient an explanation of everything that doctors and other team members are doing on him/her.

I am constantly ensuring that my patients are safe by reviewing the orders of the physician with the patient's current state before administering any drug or letting them undergo any procedure.

I don't play with documentations and filing. Everything said must be documented properly and well kept. You don't know how much this means until you loose one. It could cost extra money or even the entire life.

Most importantly, I'm always keeping the watch to intervene immediately anything goes wrong with any patient. Countless times, death has been reversed because a nurse picked early on a dying patient with unstable vitals.

The interesting part is, I'm always available upon the call of my patient. I have to answer to every need they have even when sometimes, it's not my professional duty.

Relatives don't care if you have been talking for hours, everyone demands your attention and feels bad if you don't give them.

To be a Nurse is a whole lot of work. It's bad enough when you put a lot of effort in and your patient still dies.

Nurses are the real heroes

Stay healthy.
Together We Light Up The Profession one candle at a time.
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