Nurses Reward Yourself, Make Yourself Happy

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Nurses Reward Yourself, Make Yourself Happy

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I remember one particular night duty I did in 2008, I resumed night quite early 7:25 pm (duty starts at 8pm), started work immediately and was on my feet till 3:45am doing one thing or the other for patients. I didn't realize I had stood for that long till I wanted to sit down.

That day I made a very important decision in my life. You want to know? Yes I will tell you.
I decided that I must reward myself for the job I am doing.

Read that again....I must reward myself for the job that pays my bills.

You see, lots of us work day in day out and find it very absurd to take out of the money to buy good things for ourselves. We put others before us.

Nurses, can you be selfish for once for yourself.
Buy that good shoe.
Do that fine hair
Order for that dress
Enjoy your money.
Go on holidays
Indulge yourself

Pay yourself every month. I do that a lot. I tell myself I must enjoy out of this money that I worked. Every month, I have plans to buy something (at least 1, no matter how big or small) for myself and not just allowing others problems to deprive me of my enjoyment. It's a goal that I set and have been meeting that goal

Stop looking at people who are well dressed and be asking yourself how come she is able to afford that?
Give priority to yourself too.

I bid thee well as you make this decision.

If you have made such at one time or the other, let’s engage in the comment section.

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