There really is a Pandemic of kidney diseases in Nigeria.

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There really is a Pandemic of kidney diseases in Nigeria.

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A new Monday and about 5 cases of Kidney Damages have already been admitted from the weekend.
The demographic is not elderly or old. These are young and middle aged people.
They will probably be needing Dialysis for life except they have about 30 million for anew kidney

Every one that works in health facilities will tell you ...How much Kidney diseases becomes a burden financially to both the patient and relatives

It is cost intensive. Some families even sell their properties to pay

Talk of the life long medications , talk of dietary restrictions, talk of frequent blood tests and transfusion, frequent pains from needle pricks

Talk of stress waiting for Dialysis because we don't have enough Dialysis centers in Nigeria

The best is to safeguard your kidneys
Some top kidney destroyers still include
- Hypertension
- Diabetes
- Alcohol
- Abuse of drugs like NSAIDs eg Diclofenac, Felvin, etc
- Bleaching creams
- Agbo (Herbal concotions)
Infections like Hepatitis B, HIV
- An entity we call GLOMERULONEPHRITIS
and so much more

I really don't know who needs to see this but safe guard your kidneys today

I know how disheartening is it when that diagnosis of Chronic kidney disease is made

The thing is late presentation is another reason we pick some of these cases late. There usually are subtle signs

Early phases they don't have symptoms hence frequent health checks

Some evidence of uncontrolled damage
Bubbly foamy urine
Nausea and vomiting
Puffy eye , swollen face
Leg swelling
Abdomen swelling
Low blood levels
Severe- confusion, seizures, bloody vomit

A test as simple as Electrolyte Urea and Creatinine, Urine test and Abdominal Scan can pick Kidney diseases in early phases

Please if you see this .

Please share here
Please read many more public health education here on our website.

Let's launch a war against kidney diseases.
Let's pick them early and manage them well
People don't have to die
Action is the foundamental key to all success
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