What does digital health mean for nursing?

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What does digital health mean for nursing?

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Digital health covers a vast spectrum. It encompasses everything from wearables to mobile apps to digital health records and remote care, and much more.

Digital health is not just a new way of working. It’s a new way of thinking and doing. So what does all of this mean for nurses?

First of all, it’s highly likely that nurses will spend less time on administration and compliance tasks and more time actually nursing. Background systems will ensure that issues such as effective and productive roster management and the matching of nursing skills with patient and compliance needs are managed automatically.

Clinical documents that help support a high-quality continuity of care will add depth to the patient/nurse relationship. Those documents will be held within a secure, centralised system that offers differing levels of access to various stakeholders.

A greater depth of data on important health markers — constantly measured against powerful anonymised databases of people of similar ages, body types, cultural backgrounds, etc.—will help to inform the decisions nurses have to make on an hourly basis.

Nurses will also be better able to provide remote care, whether via apps such as FaceTime and Skype or through constant-monitoring systems and wearables, like Apple Watch with its ECG and fall-detection features.

Wearables will become more commonplace in hospitals too, negating the constant need for manual processes to measure body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure, etc.

The nursing profession will be undergoing constant change thanks to the digital revolution. This means ongoing education such as the UTS Online Master of Health Services Management will be increasingly important. The good news is that nurses will have greater freedom to do the caring work they always dreamed of doing when they decided to enter the field, and will spend less time doing repetitive, and often dull duties.

https://studyonline.uts.edu.au/blog/dig ... th-nursing
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Re: What does digital health mean for nursing?

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WHO guideline: recommendations on digital interventions for health system strengthening

https://apps.who.int/iris/rest/bitstrea ... 4/retrieve

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