Are some sexual positions better than others for conceiving?

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Are some sexual positions better than others for conceiving?

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There are a lot of myths, half-truths, rumors, speculations, theories and blatant lies about, sex, sexual positions and conception.

The absolute truth remains; there is no proven scientific basis for or against any particular position. The ultimate prerequisite for conception is the union of the sperm and the egg. Once there is penile contact with the vagina and the semen migrates to meet with the released egg, conception occurs.

So, whichever position or approach that achieves the union between these two, the rest is history. Matter of fact, in some women with high fertility, they can become pregnant from no penetrative sexual intercourse.

So, please, whatever is fun, comfy, and more adventurous for you guys, please adopt. Remember variety is the spice of life

Just to reiterate, there's no evidence that any particular sexual position is more likely to lead to conception. Some of you may have heard that positions that deposit the sperm closest to the cervix such as the missionary position (man on top) are more promising than others. But there aren't any scientific studies to back this up.

THE KEY IS Proper timing! Time is a crucial factor. Most women are fertile for only five to six days during each cycle, the so-called fertility window. The fertility window opens five days before ovulation and closes on the day of ovulation, with the most-fertile days just before ovulation.

To make conception more likely, have sex during the days just before you expect to ovulate and then again on the day of ovulation. So once you master your cycle and can pinpoint your ovulation, you are half way there, all things being equal

And by the way, there's no truth to the notion that you should have sex every other day if you're trying to conceive. If your partner's sperm is normal, it will replenish from day to day, so there's no need to wait. The main thing is to have sex close to your ovulation day.

For a pregnant woman, there are also no contraindications on sex. So long as there are no medical reasons for abstinence, pregnant women should find their comfort zone and still share intimacy.

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