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I don't like the fact that nursing is a predominantly female profession. I really wish more men starts to join the nursing workforce .

When the word "Nurse" is mentioned, what comes to everyone's mind is a SHE. This also explains why many patients refer to male Nurses as doctors , even when they are aware the man attending to their health needs is a Nurse wearing an ID badge , yet they still refer to him as a physician . Why do they think a man shouldn't be a nurse?

And who said Nursing science is for women and medicine is for men ? It used to be but not anymore friends.
Recently i've got to discover that there are lots of male nurses ,some don't reveal their professional identity online but most of them do and proudly wear the title NURSE.

Its true that gender ratio in this profession leans heavily towards females, who dominate a huge percentage of the entire nursing workforce in many countries of the world not just Nigeria.

Though the male Nurses are rarely seen in general wards, because most men in Nursing seems to be focused on certain specialties over others for instances Accident and emergency nursing , perioperative nursing, Anesthetic nursing, among others, and so you only find them in special units of a hospital , While there are few male nurses in surgical wards or maternity wards.

From my short experience with male Nurses, Working with a male nurse ,is a whole great relief, apart from nursing the patients, they also look out for their female colleague's well-being at work, this is often over look when two female nurses works.

Dear parents , being a male nurse is not a taboo as it was seen in those days. Today in some health facility, it’s even commonplace to see some shifts where there are predominantly more male Nurses than females, to the point where even some female patients are growing comfortable with the notion of being assisted by male nurses now.
Frankly speaking male Nurses are super caring not just to the patients but to their female colleagues, Let me not even talk about ladies that are married to male Nurses, those men are caring in and out! I've not seen any of such marriages hitting a rock. Have you seen ?

I remember one instance where a pregnant woman refused a male nurse from assessing her labour progress,but not quite long, a male gynecologist walked in to access her, same woman opened her legs , for the gynecologist to access her , So you see! There is really no difference just mere stereotype for male Nurses.
Why are we (society) putting a gender tag on providing care? , its not necessary , for me whether it’s from a male or a female, as long as they are knowledgeable in their field, have the appropriate certifications, and are willing to provide the best care, there’s no reason to believe that a professional is less qualified to provide treatment than their counterpart of the opposite gender.

Everyone needs to know as a matter of fact, that if a man decides to study to become a nurse, for whatever reason, is not a taboo as the social stigma revolving around the career for males is dissipating. If you are still leaving in the era of "A male nurse can't attend to me" we've left you behind, so come off it!

Some people out there believe that men who become nurses are doing it because they can’t get into medical school or they think they are not intelligent, you also see teachers forcing this ideals on children during school's career talk day, where the roles of a nurse is displayed by girl and a doctor by a boy.

How about switching roles ,this upcoming career day ,teachers? Can you just let a boy be a nurse and a girl be the doctor? What i mean is that, stop putting a gender tag on our profession.

Dear young man,if you truly care about nursing and you want to be a nurse, you’re not going to care about what people think. will you?

Rise up to your dream, nursing is a golden profession, see yourself beyond Nigeria and when you become a nurse through the right path not being a quack who signs up as an apprentice in a local clinic , the world will be waiting for you at all cost. It doesn't Matter how long it took you, your dreams are valid! Hang on.
Who else wants more male Nurses like i do? Please tell me why

By Nurse Feji

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