10 OMG ! reasons to be a "male nurse"

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10 OMG ! reasons to be a "male nurse"

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As a male nurse in a female-dominated profession, you are on the other side of the sexual divide.

Sometimes carrying out your duties might require an extra professional demeanor, especially in sensitive areas such as maternal and child health; lest your actions could be perceived as sexual and not professional.

Whereas, a female nurse in a similar situation would be observed as being empathetic, caring and understanding.

Nursing is a profession of caring for others. However, you cannot be caring without altruistic love for people. Love, commitment, care, empathy, and sympathy are qualities paramount for the thriving of the nursing profession; and are also qualities that have been associated with womanhood, over time.

Hence, nursing has been regarded as a feminine profession, but more so, because, it is a female-dominated one.

In recent times, nursing has come to be regarded as a profession that can be practiced by both sexes with little gender bias and nurse stereotypes.

However, prejudices against male nurses, projection of feminist beliefs and perception of nurses as subordinates to other health professionals further widens the gap, between the shortage of nurses and barriers to recruitment of men into nursing.

Consequently, due to increased disease burden, health awareness and demand for qualitative care by various stakeholders in the health industry, it’s therefore expedient for extra hands to be recruited into the profession.

Hitherto, as a professional nurse, irrespective of your gender, your patients expect competent and impeccable healthcare.

As a male nurse, I have a duty towards my patients. But there is a need to explore where else my duty lies. Examples being; caring for myself, friends, family, and colleagues.

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https://smaartcollections.com/10-deligh ... ale-nurse/

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