Do you know that your nursing career needs watering all the time?

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Do you know that your nursing career needs watering all the time?

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Do you know that your nursing career needs watering all the time?

Just as the soil needs watering, tilling and manure, so does your nursing career. You shouldn't at any point allow your nursing career go dry. Nurse Ofejiro Urhefe post on retirement plan inspired me to write this. They are nurses who are just comfortable with their current position and advancing is a NO for them. As a nurse who is passionate and hungry for a shift, you need to have interest in learning and the desire to grow.

Keep your nursing career flourishing and growing by staying connected with your passion. Make conscious effort to nurture and feed your career. Some of us do not really know what we have, so many people envy us and wants to be in the system badly.

We've spent time, resources and energy becoming a nurse, why waste it away by turning in circles, I know that life can get in our way sometimes, we have children, parents, bills and even debts to take care of.

I hear some body ask, how do I water my career?
Connect and network with like minded professionals and colleagues. Colleagues who will give you insight about your career, get to know what other colleagues are doing, stay up to date about what is happening in the profession. Nurses have email account, but do not know what to do with it, subscribe to daily post, newsletters and blogs surrounding your career. I was in shock the other day that a young nurse in this 21st century didn't know that NMCN and NANNM hosted a virtual conference. Many nurses still do not know how to use zoom app, the last virtual meeting held exposed that. In another news, a senior nurse boldly ask if Nurses week is still celebrated and what is the need for celebration.
Keep learning nurses!

Attend conferences, webinars, read articles, blog and posts. Listen to podcasts and engage meaningfully. Learning will open your mind and keep you informed with new trends in nursing.

Health care is changing!
Nursing is changing!
Keep your nursing career in pace!
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