Dreaming to work oversea - UK, USA or Canada.

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Dreaming to work oversea - UK, USA or Canada.

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Adopt this if it works well for you

The idea is that you shouldn't allow your relocation dream to cripple you from doing what you can do now to improve yourself and have a more comfortable life.
If you have money to build a house in Nigeria, build it.
If you want a new job, continue pushing your CV.
You can still register a business name/company and start doing business in Nigeria.
You can still enrol for courses and earn new certifications. After all, no knowledge is wasted
If you can get married now, get married. Don't wait till you get to abroad.
If you can have a child right now, please have it. Don't wait till you get to UK or Canada. After all, when you get there, the child can still become a citizen after 3 years.
You are looking for a spouse? Continue looking good and keep searching. Don't give it up thinking it will happen in UK or Canada.

Keep being diligent at the job or business financing your relocation drive. Don't be lax at it because if you fail at it and you are sacked, you might have to start depending on people to finance your dream.
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