Improving Quality Nursing Practice Nigeria

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Improving Quality Nursing Practice Nigeria

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Motivation is an essential component of performance, as we regard successful people as being highly motivated. More than that, motivation is fundamental to driving every human function. Without motivation, we would not achieve even the most basic of tasks.

Sussan.m Hertfriled says
Every individual person has different motivations for working at a job. The reasons for working are as individual as the person. But, all people work because the workplace provides something that you need from work. The something that you obtain from your work impacts your morale, your motivation, and the quality of your life.
Health facilities need well-trained and motivated staff consistently available to provide care.

All labour and childbirth areas of the health facility should have competent, well-trained staff and skilled birth attendants present 24-hours a day in sufficient numbers to cope with the expected workload. Common barriers for midwifery personnel to provide quality care include low social esteem, poor pay, long working hours, insufficient staffing, and lack of fully functioning facility environments. It is important to focus on professional education and health workforce management that builds on the experiences of midwives,as this will help decrease maternal and child mortality rate during childbirth and also morbidity rate.


1.Health facilities must have an appropriate physical environment*

Health facilities must have water, energy, sanitation, hand hygiene, and waste disposal facilities which are functional, reliable, and safe. The space needs to be designed, organized, and maintained to allow for privacy and facilitate the provision of quality services. Facilities also need to have adequate stocks of medicines, supplies, and equipment.

2.Proper Renumeration as at when Due
Remuneration is the pay or other financial compensation provided in exchange for an employee's services performed.
Therefore to ensure Quality nursing and midwifery practice the proper renumeration should be paid to nurses and midwives as at when due.

3.Sufficient Staffing:This is very necessary for maximum productivity in the nursing proffesion.
The federal Nursing Home Reform law requires nursing facilities to have "sufficient" staff to meet their residents' needs.[1] Sufficient nursing staff is universally recognized as a key requirement for making high quality of care possible and available for residents.

4.Appropriate working hours:
The standard hours of work for employees are either 8 hours a day (40 hours a week) or 7.5 hours a day (37.5 hours a week).
Appropriate working hours increases productivity .staff nurse and midwives who work for long hours do not give in thier best and this is not good for maximum productivity.

5.Elimination of all forms of discrimination among nurses and other health professionals e.g doctors and pharmacists

6.Involve Nurses in Leadership
Give nurses and midwives an opportunity to demonstrate and experience leadership in their profession on a regular basis. Schedule nurses and midwives to lead nursing or department staff meetings, research current medical topics and share nursing experiences. Assign nurses to present small educational sessions for peer-to-peer learning about such subjects as hospital policies, nursing procedures and patient care trends and responsibilities. Encourage mentoring partnerships by pairing senior nurses with new staff nurses for support, problem-solving and sharing experiences.

7.Set Up Mutual Understanding
Understanding the other person's point of view, experience and work processes, eases frustration and develops cooperation. Set up ways for staff nurses and midwives to better understand other departments such as laboratories, pharmacies, patient intake and radiology. Encourage mutual cooperation, teamwork and problem-solving rather than adversarial relationships. Regularly invite members of other departments to come to nurse meetings or stop by at the beginning of shifts to introduce themselves and discuss their departments. Developing a supportive and mutually cooperative relationship for nurses improves morale and motivates nurses.

8.Regularly Ask for Feedback
Ask for nurses' and midwives feedback about nursing issues on a regular basis. Encourage open discussion of their everyday challenges with patient care, hospital environment, work schedules and any other stressful nursing issues they are experiencing. Provide a variety of avenue to express their ideas and suggestions in a positive, proactive way, and discourage unproductive griping and complaining. Ask them what they think about the most frequent nursing and midwifery challenges they deal with at meetings, through suggestion boxes, with monthly or quarterly surveys and in performance review. Steer requests for feedback in a positive way by asking about solutions, not just feelings.

9.Commit to Positive Communication
Communication styles can be motivating or demotivating in any profession, and especially so in stressful, busy nursing environments. Commit to using positive communication with nurses to develop a friendly, caring and supportive atmosphere and to provide training on positive, caring communication for staff nurses and midwives.

10.Eradication of Quackery
Complete eradication of Quackery will improve practice and boost confidence in the health care system.
Quackery is and still remains one of the leading causes of increasing mortality and morbidity in Nigeria health sector. The poor masses are the victim of this dangerous and widely increasing practice.
Therefore to curb the increase rate of mortality and morbidity quackery must end.

In Conclusion to ensure quality nursing and midwifery practice in Nigeria lots of input should be made by individual, organization and the country at large for this is the only way to safe and affordable healthcare.
"Changing how the world thinks about nursing".

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