Will you be my nurse role model?

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Will you be my nurse role model?

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All nurses can actually act as role models to one another ,whether you are a junior nurse or a senior nurse.
Can you remember that colleague who held your hand and guide you through your first job? There is always that one nurse in every facility, they are the true Angels with a stethoscope.
Who was the nurse who took time to educate and guide you through your first weeks on resumption? Talked you through all of those tacit skills and clinical hurdles that really challenged you as the inexperienced nurse? Without embarrassing you, screaming at you or telling the patients and relatives how unskilful you are? Those nurses that are careful to ensure their colleagues or new nurses aren't in trouble .

You will notice that such a nurse core competencies are still rooted in compassion, ethics, confidence, and critical thinking , such is a great role model.

Young nurses too can be role model . Yes!

Yes, i know a role model, by definition, is someone to look up to, someone who has something that you aspire to have for yourself.
However, don't think that just because you are working at a facility for a short time or because you a new nurse, that there is little opportunity to make such an impact ,you are wrong.
The smallest gestures, the little things that you can share that may make somebody’s job easier, those poliet corrections , this is how you will be remembered and how your input will linger well after your shift is done.
All nurses can act as mentors and role models, and can assist new nurses in their professional development, competence and confidence in the workplace.

The earlier we Start seeking our collective growth ,the faster our dream for a Nursing world of possibility can be actualised .
Because you are experienced, you can be a nurse mentor when you establish a caring relationship with a novice nurse , you counsel them and providing opportunities for personal and career development, growth, and support to the young nurses.
We young nurses needs mentors, don't get it twisted, mentorship is very deep, its different from precepting , there are many preceptors in nursing but few mentors and role models .

Precepting is good but its narrow ,its usually within the clinical environment and during work hours only and maybe for few weeks or months. The purpose is to orient the new nurse to his/her role and work environment, to guide the him/her in adapting to patient care and the world of nursing, and to supervise and evaluate their progress.
But i tell you the truth, preceptorship isn't enough in nursing.

Will you be my role model?
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