Covid -19: Nurses are Heroes

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Sister Nadi
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Covid -19: Nurses are Heroes

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Thank you Great Nurses

To the nurse who has work 12 hour shift.
To the nurse who is supposed to get married.
To the nurse who has a spouse also on the front lines helping to keep people alive.
To the nurse who was verbally assaulted.

To the nurse who hasn't hugged or kissed his family and kids in weeks cause of work.

To the nurse who is a single parent but has to report to work and send the kids to relatives.
To the nurse who shed tears in the shower.
To the nurse who is skilled at operating the ventilators and other necessary equipments.
To the nurse who found out their patient was covid (+) via word of mouth through grape vine.

To the nurse who has no food or drink their entire shift because work was overwhelming.
To the nurse who has been denied covid test.
To the nurse who just graduated and is in their first year of nursing at such a time as this.

To the nurse who didn't pack lunch today because their work schedule does not permit.
To the nurse who stayed up all night sewing together pieces of fabrics so they'd have a mask to wear for protection against infection.
To the nurse who is thinking of resignation.
To the nurse who has been made to feel like their life and input to work doesn't matter.

To the nurse who woke up to a text messages that another colleague has died.

To the nurse who can feel their spirit breaking.
To the nurse who muttered under their breath.
To the nurse who just wrapped themselves in a trash bag before entering the room.
To the nurse who knows there are no more ventilators left and their patient might die.
To the nurse who has received 3 CPRs, a Stroke and trauma back to back.
To the nurse who is not being offered mental and moral support at such a time as this.
To the nurse who was abandoned by the system they dedicated their whole life to.

To the nurse who wakes up in the middle of the night with cough and fever.
To the nurse who has tested positive to covid.

To the nurse who been admitted to the ICU.
To the nurse who did chest compression on their nurse with tears in their streaming down their eyes and just can't help but let it flow.
To the nurse who has been referred to as "Just a nurse" and wonder if this is how they treat heroes who risk their lives daily etc.

Everyday, we see you write names and dates on your face masks. We see how kindhearted you are and it shows in your work and your eyes.

Everyday you show up stronger, more capable and braver than the day before, not just for your patients, but for one another's need at work.

To all the nurses all around the world...

We Feel you.
We share your pain.
We have your back.
We show up for you.
We are praying for you.
You are us and we are you.
We are each other's keeper.

Never again will you be referred to as "Just a Nurse" because you are much more than that.

This is the year of the nurse and we love you.

Special dedication to our nurses and not forgetting every worker risking his or her life to help us stay alive. We love you and we are praying for strength and grace to fight through and come out stronger than we were.


God bless u.
Action is the foundamental key to all success

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Kunle Emmanuel
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Re: Covid -19: Nurses are Heroes

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Nursing is the best that can happen to you.
Always appreciate the genuine nurses whenever you see them or have any encounter with them.
Always approach us with respect, don't look down on us and expect us to treat you like kings.
We sacrifice our lives to sustain yours.

We skip meals to ensure you have your meals.
We are not mean, we are not witches.
Always come to the hospital environment with a positive attitude rather than biased mindset.

Save our health care institutions
Save our health care workers.
10% of the death globally affected health workers.
Provide PPEs in our hospitals
Equip our hospitals
Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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