What do you want to step up to?

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What do you want to step up to?

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Back in Nursing school, I heard nursing is dynamic but nobody really proved that until I left and sought for relevance.
I battled with deciding if to continue in the path or deviate, and finally, I decided for nursing but with the determination for more than just the name tag, 'nurse'.

I nursed ideas then gave shots at it. Glad that the seeds are springing now.
I'll need to clarify that my 'missed beats' about nursing was as a result of the roles of auxiliary nurses and the effects on nurses and nursing profession (this project topic can be completed in an hour 😁😁).

Starting career in a facility who had several auxillary nurses in training to working with those who felt they were better than the licensed nurses was a feat I needed to win; not by mere words or acclamation but actions that would speak.
I remember reporting to the MD about the auxiliaries and he told me it's not about changing or misplacing them but about me being the nurse I think they should be. (Read that line again). Believe me, fire, as of a mighty rushing wind ignited .

After that encounter, I stepped up!
I stepped up to dressing professionally at work.
I stepped up to speaking professionally.
I stepped up to approaching patients professionally.
I stepped up to educating patients on what they needed/need to know about their disease conditions, health and well-being.
I stepped up to not asking auxiliaries carry out certain procedures on the patients. Well, this didn't go well with some of them but I needed to do some things just right. Much more as it would be said it was done by a nurse.
I stepped up to being the nurse every patient wanted to be nursed by.
I stepped up to being a nurse who said NO to things nurses shouldn't do and meant it.
I remembered saying NO to teaching the auxiliaries on what should be done by professionals because should anything arise, it'll be my license before the judge and not them. I believed/believe in coaching them to becoming license Nurses; a tag they'll be proud of.

I stepped up to preaching the good news of nursing to every ear 😁.
I stepped up to encouraging the auxiliaries to take formal education in nursing (a movement that birthed "I love auxiliary nurse group. You'll hear about this soon. Meanwhile, tell an auxiliary to tell another auxillary to join that group 😁).
I stepped up to actions not just words.
What do you want to step up to?
Dare to be different
You can be more!
Happy New Week

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