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Why most naija women come late to clinics with Breast Cancer

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Sister Nadi
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Re: Why most naija women come late to clinics with Breast Cancer

Unread post by Sister Nadi » Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:44 pm

40 women die of breast cancer daily in Nigeria

Cancer constitutes a major challenge to development, undermines social and economic advances throughout the world, hence the need to raise awareness on the disease, which is rapidly becoming a global pandemic.

To reduce the number of women dying of breast cancer and to ensure that the disease is detected early, preventive measures should start from childhood.

“It is not the cancer that is really killing them but late detection. Most people are in denial, so they fast and pray for it to go instead of treating it. If you detect it early, you can still treat it and survive it.

“When it comes to preventing cancer, it is wise to educate the young ones. Perhaps if they start preaching this gospel, if they start creating awareness in their schools and communities too, people will become aware.”

Action is the foundamental key to all success

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