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Many hospitals are very interested in taking the license of Nurses sometimes without the intention of employing them. This happens mainly at interviews when you are asked to present your credentials.

Every registered hospital renews their license every two years, therefore, each is expected to submit a required number of 'Registered Nurse' licenses at the ministry of health for renewal of their organization's license.
So what these hospitals do in turn is to use your license for subsequent renewal of theirs until it expires.

So you may not be working for a hospital, but your license is being used by them for their hospital's renewal. VERY RISKY!

Here's a solution.

1. Many nurses go to interviews very anxious and desperate. Instead, be bold and know that you and your license are very valuable. This reasoning will help you carry out the next steps.

2. When going in search of a job or a job interview, take only a softcopy of your license (that is a picture or scanned copy on your phone). If you go with the original copy, some will offer to make a photocopy for you because they are that kind.

3. When asked to present your credentials (some will specifically ask for your license alone); show them the copy on your phone. When they ask for a physical copy; tell them you will present it on receiving your letter of appointment/employment. Note: Some organizations give this letter after a probation period of 3-6months. Therefore, a copy of your license will be submitted whenever the letter comes. If they tell you they don't give employment letters, then that hospital is not in line with your destiny.

4. Any organization that demands for your license at interviews (some will be very persistent) are only interested in the license and not you, be bold and dignified enough to make your points politely clear and do not hesitate to walk away if they think otherwise.

Note: If you leave a hospital, you can write the MOH to inform them that your license is no longer valid for that hospital and have withdrawn your services.


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