How Much Does House Officer (Medical Doctor) Earn in Nigeria

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How Much Does House Officer (Medical Doctor) Earn in Nigeria

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Who is an house officer?

How much is the house officers’ salary in Nigeria?

The house job is a compulsory one-year service where newly inducted medical doctors have the opportunity to work on a professional level with other medical doctors.

Facts about the House Officer

1. The house officer is the the engine room of any teaching hospital, federal medical centres, or specialist hospital.
2. A house officer could be a medical doctor or dentist
3. They are certified medical doctors and are NOT medical students.
4. She or he is a junior doctor that carries out the plans of his/her superiors.
5. They are your first and last contact in the hospital
6. The federal government owned hospitals tend to pay better than state-owned hospitals.
7. Housejob is not only done in government hospitals, but also some private hospitals like Lily, Eko hospital, St. Nicholas, Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital.

Housemanship is the first phase after graduating from the medical school. Here, the young doctor begins to earn a salary. But what is the house officers salary in Nigeria.

Housemanship salary in Nigeria differ from hospital to officer as you will see below.

House Officers’ Salary across the 36 States in Nigeria
1. Abia State – FMC 168k, Abia State University Teaching Hospital 155k)

2. Adamawa – Federal Medical Center, Yola pays 170K after tax)

3. Akwa Ibom – State owned general hospitals pays 230k while University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH) pays 169k with accommodation)

4. Anambra – Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, NAUTH pays 165k with accommodation

5. Bauchi – FMC Azare pays 175k salary to houseofficers.

6. Bayelsa – FMC Yenogoa pays 175 as take home with accommodation, NDUTH pays 165k, then NMA removing 10k for dues making it 155k as take home

7. Benue – FMC Markudi pays 168k

8. Borno – University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital pays 180k with accommodation, State HMB pays 178k with accommodation

9. Cross River – University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, UCTH pays their medical and dental houseofficers N171,000 as monthly salary with accommodation)

10. Delta – FMC Asaba pays 171k naira as take home with accommodation, Delta State HMB pays 165k with accommodation. Lily Hospital in Warri pays 144k with accommodation

11. Ebonyi – Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki renamed Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital Abakaliki pays 164k to medical interns

12. Edo – University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) pays its Houseofficers between 165k – 168k naira as take home after the deduction of accommodation levy, NMA dues and ARD dues. Take home pay may be higher for those not living in the house officers’ residence. Edo state HMB like Central Hospital and Stella Obasanjo Hospital pays 160k. Irrua Teaching hospital or Irrua Specialist Hospital pays 174k. Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital pays houseofficers 150k naira with accommodation

13. Ekiti – FMC Ido pays 165k

14. Enugu – University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) pays 158k if you are given accommodation and 163k with no accommodation

15. FCT Abuja – National Hospital Abuja (NHA ) pays N194,356.11 as salary monthly to houseofficers. House officers salary in National Hospital Abuja is quite mouth watery compared to others.

16. Gombe – Gombe Federal Teaching Hospital pays N164, 000 naira with accommodation, Gombe State Hospital Board (HMB) pays 156k with accomodation

17. Imo – FMC, Owerri pays 170k with good accommodation, state HMB pays 155k monthly as salary.

18. Jigawa – FMC Jigawa pays 177k with accommodation

19. Kaduna – In Kaduna state, the Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital pays 170k with accommodation.

20. Kano – Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH) pays medical and dental interns 176k with accommodation

21. Katsina – FMC Katsina pays 178k monthly to housofficers

22. Kebbi – FMC Kebbi pays houseofficers 173k with accommodation

23. Kogi – FMC Lokoja pays medical interns 158k naira (excluding tax, dues, etc)

24. Kwara – University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) pays N168, 000 plus accommodation

25 Lagos – LUTH pays 167k, LASUTH pays 166k, Lagos Hospital Service Commission (HSC) pays 167k after tax, FMC Ebutte Metta pays 170k with accommodation. Military Hospital, Bonny Camp Victoria Island pays 157k with accommodation but you will get an accrued pay after working for 10 months. Before you get your first pay in the 10th month, you will be given a stipend of 10k every 2 weeks for your upkeep. St Nicholas and Eko Hospitals pay houseofficers 190k and 183k respectively.

26. Nassarawa – FMC keffi pays houseofficers 189,000 naira and State Specialist hospital in Lafia pays between 160k – 165k

27. Niger – FMC Bida pays 169k with accommodation

28. Ogun – FMC Abeokuta do pay medical interns 169k with accommodation

29. Ondo (State specialist hospital Ikare pays 167k naira with accommodation, ONDO HMB pays160k as take home, FMC Owo pays 179k with accommodation)

30. Osun – OATH pays 173k, Osun State Specialist Hospital pays 160k to interns

31. Oyo – University College Hospital, Ibadan pays 175k without accommodation fee. Accommodation will reduce the take home. State HMB pays 163k monthly.

READ ALSO: Salary of NYSC doctors across the 36 states of the federation

32. Plateau – Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) pays 171k with accommodation

33. Rivers (University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) pays 162k with accommodation

34. Sokoto – Uthman Danfodiyyo University Teaching Hospital (UDUTH) salary for HOs is 175k with accommodation

35. Taraba – FMC Jalingo pays 168k

36. Yobe – For those planning to do internship in FMC Nguru, they pay 178k to houseofficers.

37. Zamfara – For FMC Gusau internship, the hospital pays 176k

Source: ... n-nigeria/
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Re: How Much Does House Officer (Medical Doctor) Earn in Nigeria

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Just like every other University and Poly graduate, medical doctors also serve their fatherland through the the compulsory National Youth Service Corp program. This they do after their mandatory 1 year horsemanship in Teaching hospitals, Federal Medical Centres, General Hospitals and some established private hospitals.

It is a a common knowledge that NYSC doctor’s salary for different states in Nigeria is not uniform.

This is apart from the normal NYSC allowance of N19,800 Naira which we are waiting to be upgraded to N33,000 in accordance with the newly approved minimum wage.

Please Note: NYSC doctors are not medical students, they have graduated from school 2 years before coming to camp. They have their permanent practicing license. Same with nurses, Medical Laboratory Scientists and Pharmacists.
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Re: How Much Does House Officer (Medical Doctor) Earn in Nigeria

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NYSC Doctor’s Salary for different State


1. Abia State ( 10k)

2. Adamawa State ( state 56k, FMC 82k)

3. Akwa Ibom State (State 31k, Teaching Hospital 75k, HMB 65k)

4. Anambra State (State 45k, TH 35k)

5. Bauchi State ( State 65k, Teaching hospital 80k, FMC azare 85k)

6. Bayelsa State (State ¥65k, FMC Yenogoa 98k)

7. Benue State (TH 65k, Police Clinic Makurdi 72k, BSUC N50k, FMC Makurdi 40k)

8. Borno State (Neuropsychiatry hospital maiduguri 80k+, Teaching Hospital maiduguri :120k
State HMB :Epileptic 100k)

9. Cross River State (General Hospital 25k, Navy Hospital 43k with over work and too much calls, Army Barracks in Ikon 60k, Army Barracks in Calabar 65k, Police clinic 50k: not stressful at all, no work on Sundays; Immigration 30k, UCTH annex 80k, Missionary Hospital in Calabar hardly pays NYSC doctors)

10. Delta State (State ¥82k, FMC Asaba 70k)

11. Ebonyi State (State 15k)

12. Edo State (Central Hospital Benin and other hospitals under HMB is 45k, but general hospitals in Auchi and Environs pay up to 120k plus standard accommodation, UBTH 65k).

13. Ekiti State (State 65k, Teaching Hospital 65k)

14. Enugu State ( Do not pay corper doctors ) including UNTH

15. Gombe State (State 65k*, Federal University Clinic 103k)

16. Imo State (Imo State Poly 50k, Nekede Poly 60k, Alvan Ikoku COE 60k, State facilities 40k*)

17. Jigawa State (State 26,800k, Dutse GH 40k, TH 45k, Government Clinic 28k, College of Education 85k, Gumel GH 30k)

18. Kaduna State (State 78 – 83k, NDA 80k, DSS 70k, NMS 113k, Jaji 80k, State Poly 98k)

19. Kano State (HMB 66k)

20. Katsina State (FMC 80k, State hospitals 69k)

21. Kebbi State [State 76k, DSS 80k (+ 76k if you are linked up to Sir Yahaya Memorial Hospital), MRS Barracks 139k, FMC Birnin Kebbi does not accept Corper doctors, Police Barracks Hospital – about 80k only, Zuru 223 Army Barracks – 76k + 50k (+ 33k if your document gets to 1st Div. Kaduna. Your document can take up to 1 year to travel from Kebbi to Kaduna), Dentists in Birnin Kebbi region have two options: Sir Yahaya Memorial Hospital Birnin Kebbi (5k + State 76k) and KMC, Kalgo – just the 76k)

22. Kogi State (State 41k*, FMC 87k, Police Clinic 70k, Ajaokuta Steel 105k, State Specialist Hospital 105k*)

23. Kwara State (State 44k*, UITH 60k)

24. Lagos State (LCDA 25 – 45k*, FMC 75k)

25. Nasarawa State (HMB 69k, FMC – No payment as at 2019 but current situation not confirmed as they no longer post corper doctors there as at when I camped there in 2019)

Source: ... tates/?amp
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