What are the roles and duties of Apex Nurses in Nigeria

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What are the roles and duties of Apex Nurses in Nigeria

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Apex Nurses are Nurse Managers who serve in management positions; and are expected to make vital decisions to assist in patient care as well as carry out defined duties that include the following:

• Staff management

• Case management

• Treatment planning

• Recruitment

• Budgeting

• Scheduling

• Discharge planning

• Mentoring

• Developing educational plans and

• Records management among others.

Nurse managers need strong communication and leadership skills and should be adept at coordinating resources and personnel in meeting goals and objectives.

They must be effective leaders who can strike a balance between working with the nursing staff and the healthcare facility administrators.

Nurse manager are expected to be change agents who work with staff to find and implement useful changes to improve patient wellness and safety outcomes.

They're expected to implement regulatory guidelines for patient safety set by state and federal agencies, such as the Federal and Lagos State Ministry of Health, Lagos State Primary Health Care Board and Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria.

It is there responsibilities to make sure that staff are educated on diverse care standards and can implement them as needed. They're' to lead unit staff in preventing patient harm as well as empower your Nurses to be the first line of defense against patient harm


Working as an Apex Nurse requires skills beyond clinical care. The job requires management skills, budgeting, business acumen and leadership qualities. Communication and interpersonal skills are also vital.

The following characteristics are common among successful nurse managers

Effective Communication Skills

Part of being an effective leader is listening to staff and patient concerns and communicating needs. Nurse managers must be able to build solid rapports with all staff members, from the most junior staff to head administrators, as well as patients to create cohesiveness.


In some cases, nurse leaders might have to advocate for staff to ensure a safe and reasonable practice environment. In other cases, they might have to advocate for patient safety and access to quality healthcare. Nurse managers should not be afraid of using their voice and position.


With so many administrative demands, it is important that nurse managers balance business with patient care. Nurse managers must have superior clinical skills to ensure patient safety and wellbeing.


Successful nurse leaders do not micromanage their staff. They encourage, empower, mentor, and find strengths. They boost creativity and mindfulness.


Nurse managers do not immediately take sides in squabbles or assess blame before knowing all the facts. They don’t let simmering emotions boil over. Instead, they meet conflict and work through it.


Nurse managers follow their moral compass to ensure all aspects of the profession are met with honesty and integrity. They address people with respect and do not bully.


They don’t set the bar for expectations unreasonably high. Instead, they use supportive encouragement to challenge employees to success. They coach and mentor.

Above all, nurse manager must be loyal to employer, superior officers, nursing itself as well as our Association, NANNM .

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