Patient Rights in the Hospital

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Kunle Emmanuel
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Patient Rights in the Hospital

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:11 pm

Do you know we all have rights whenever we go to the hospitals?

Are you aware that the federal government has lunched the patient's bill of rights should you need the services of any hospital/health services providers?

Do you know that the demands of the patient's bill of right are not solely for Nurses but all health care providers?



Patient's Right are twelve in number, let me mention them one after the other
1. Right to relevant information in language and manner the patient understands including diagnosis, treatment, other procedures and possible outcome.

2. Right of timely access to detailed and accurate medical records and available services

3. Right to transparent billing and full disclosure of any cost, including recommended treatment plans.

4. Right to privacy and confidentiality of medical records.

5. Right to clean, safe and secure healthcare environment

6. Right to be treated with respect regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, allegations of crime, disability or economic circumstances.

7. Right to receive urgent, immediate and sufficient intervention and care in the event of emergency.

8. Right to reasonable visitations in accordance with prevailing rules and regulations.

9. Right to decline care subject to prevailing laws and upon full disclosure of the consequences of such decision

10. Right to declare consent to participation in medical research, experimental procedures or clinical trials.

11. Right to quality care in accordance to prevailing standards.

12. Right to complain and express dissatisfaction regarding services received.

“The Director General Of the Consumer protection agency TundeIrukera & VicePresident" should pls note that nurses knows so much about these and we have been patient's advocates since the time of Florence Nightingale, our Mother of blessed memory.
Nurses are advocates of the bill to the best of our capacity and available resources since the inception of the profession .

Nurses are fully knowledgeable of this bill, we are conversant with the LEGAL ASPECT of Nursing practice, the more reason we discourage QUACKERY ( aka Auxiliary Nurses or Nursing ) because Nursing is beyond checking BP and injecting drugs via any route. There is a legal aspect of nursing which professional Nurses adheres to.


In accordance with Patient's bill of right NO 1, Nurses tries to talk to you in the language you understand if it means speaking your local dialects, Nurses do a lot of health education from antenatal clinics to the wards and units nurses are known to be teachers to ensure you understand your diagnosis,teaches you about your treatments such as drug reactions, interaction and outcomes.
Nurses also do a lot of talking,much more than any other health practitioner so you can understand your management process. You can not beat a nurse when it comes to health education. As a patient you have the right to asked us any question to understand your condition better.

In accordance with right NO 2, Nurses ensure your doctors are notified to review you when necessary, Nurses ensures your case notes are kept properly and safely for timely access by any member of the team . It is your right that your medical records are accessible at all times , It is the duty of the hospital records department to kept your data safe after discharge.

In accordance with right NO 3,it is your right to know the breakdown of your hospital bills when billed , you can asked "what charges made my total bill this sum?" Nurses are not in the position to bill patients Nurses are not accountants, if they do so they are just being overworked and abused.. Also as part of bill NO 3, it's your right to know what your treatment plan is like and what recommendations were made by the physicians , physiotherapist, opthalmologist, or any other practitioner involved in your care. Ask your Nurses or asked them directly.

Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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Kunle Emmanuel
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Re: Patient Rights in the Hospital

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:15 pm

Ask your Nurses or asked them directly to disclose your treatment plans it's your right.

In accordance with right NO 4, Nurses do not allow anyone not involved in your management access your case notes/file. Nurses prohibits your relatives from reading your case notes/files or seeing your prescription. It's called confidentiality. I hope Now you know why we send your relatives back or rebuke them from trying to read what is written about you in your file. Nurses only disclose your information as an adult client /patient with your consent and should be signed by you .

In accordance with right NO 5,it is the responsibility of the hospital management to ensure that hospitals are Clean by employing cleaners and laundry personels, by employing security guards for your safety e.t.c

In accordance with right NO 6, No hospital should refuse to attend to you because of your tribe, colour, religion, allegation of crime (maybe someone in the hospital said you are a thief) or economic background as a poor person. No hospital should refuse you.

In accordance with right NO 7, because you deserve immediate attention in cases of emergency, the hospital has set up a unit called accident and emergency unit, it is the responsibility of the government or management as the case may be (private or public) to ensure that the unit is fully functional and that there are enough Nurses and doctors on ground.
It is wrong for one Nurse on duty to be the ward Nurse, the accident and emergency Nurse, the delivery room nurse (midwife) and outpatient Nurse all at the same time as seen in many hospitals.

We do believe that as the government has lunched the PBOR, this aspects will be looked into so that right NO 7 can be fulfilled rightly ,As well as re equipping the hospitals with equipment and materials needed for effective emergency care. It is your right to be attended to urgently but the government has a big role to play here.

In accordance with right NO 8, Nurses who are your Angels on guard don't allow random visitation in the wards , there are prevailing rules in every hospital that determines visiting time and order of visitation, some hospitals take down NAME, DATE ,TIME IN AND TIME OUT OF THE VISITORS /VISITOR.

In accordance with right NO 9 any procedure to be performed on you even an injection is given with your consent right? And in the case of refusal we educate you on the consequences and ask you to sign that you refused the treatment or procedure so we are no longer responsible for the consequences following your refusal. Because we are aware of right No 9, we have also asked many patients to sign LAMA (left against medical advice) when they insist on discharge on their own.

In accordance with right NO 10, if a hospital is asking requires you to partake or be used for an experiment or research work maybe regarding your condition or in testing a drug or a procedure whatsoever , it's your right not to be forced . You have the right to say no.

In accordance with right No 11, every hospital with its level of quality and comprehensiveness measured by availability of equipment, availability of qualified personnel's not quacks, availability of drugs, availability of all materials needed for your care. It's your right to have quality care in accordance with what is available. When you see that the hospital's standard is below acceptable standard do yourself good by avoiding such clinics be it government or private hospitals.

Lastly right No 12, it is your right to let hospital management know that their services is not satisfactory, it's your right to let them know that you don't want an auxiliary nurse to treat and care for you,it's your right to let them know and no one should dare shut you up.

Nigerian professional Nurses are fully knowledgeable of the recently lunched patient's bill of right, it's part of the legal aspect of Nursing practice.

We are your advocate and ensures your rights are not denied.

©Nurse Urhefe ofejiro.
Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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