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Kunle Emmanuel
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Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Mon May 07, 2018 11:41 am

Whenever ‘Nurse’ is mentioned, what’s the first thing that does come to your mind? A woman, cute and immaculately dressed in white gown. Is that true?
I acknowledge and salute the great heroine that brought nursing into the limelight of modernization and civilization. The woman called Florence nightingale and her 34 team of nurses that commence the profession elaborately during the Crimean war.
Kudos to my lecturers that thought and brought me into this noble profession. Over 60% of them were women.
In the same vein, I throw many ‘gbosa!’ to all female nurses out there. Female nurses are really wonderful and beautiful in many ramifications.
However, I asked and ruminated on some basic questions about this profession as I celebrate with my colleagues, the womb escape of the mother of modern nursing; ‘the woman with the lamp; the great Florence nightingale’.
The question is; who’s the first nurse ever on earth?
Google could only capture the likes of phoebe and saint fabiola, the Christian sisters before church age and miss rufaidah bint sa’ad, the first female muslim sister ever. But these, if you’ll agree with me couldn’t be the first people to practice nursing.
Then, If your answer is our first ancient mothers (that we do call them nursing mothers). Then who took the delivery of these nursing mothers and who do care for them when they sick? Truly, bible testify of the Egyptian nurses and midwives, ‘siphrah’ and ‘puah’ according to exodus 1:15. This infers that these Egyptian nursing mothers even practice before them all. Is that true? That means ‘nursing is as old as man’. The ancient practices and its modernization only metamorphosed from time to time base on available knowledge and resources. Have you heard of nursing fathers? Do you know men actually started nursing as nursing fathers? Follow me now to see for yourself.
For better illumination, I trace the journey back to the beautiful garden of the Lord where the first man and first woman were created and not birthed. And found out that men actually started nursing and not women.
Can you imagine! Our Father; God himself started nursing. Yes he did. Genesis chapter two of the bible after the creation of Adam and eve, he gave them trees, herbs and seed which forms the basis of drugs administration and the fundamental tool to our knowledge of pharmacology today. Moreso, the spiritual plaque that strip them naked gave God a concern and he made them clothing to give psychological, sociological, physical and physiological care. He nursed their spirit, their soul and their body. What a wholistic care from him. Hence, God is the first nursing father known.
More so, none else would have helped eve during antenatal care, perinatal care, and in the delivery of cain and abel if not Adam himself. Moses also in numbers chapter eleven verses twelve of the bible, recon to himself as a nursing father that nursed isrealite wholistically for almost forty years.
Hence, I pose it to you that men powerfully started this profession and its history can be dated as far back to human existence. But another question is this; why are men few today in this profession today all over the globe, especially in this part of the world? I think this will be a topic for another day. But for today, I want to congratulate and celebrate all great professional nurses out there that are practicing in the spirit of nightingale, with all selflessness, sacrifices and proficiency. May God reward your honest labour of care superfluously? Amen. HAPPY NURSES WEEK.

By Prince Daniel Gbadegesin

Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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