Nurses Safety Tip For Today

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Re: Nurses Safety Tip For Today

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You may surmise that standard flossing just keeps your magnificent whites fit as a fiddle, however look into demonstrates that dental ailment and heart wellbeing are related.

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Re: Nurses Safety Tip For Today

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Good new, glad to read this

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Re: Nurses Safety Tip For Today

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I had worked as a nurse for 15 years after which I resigned my job due to certain personal reasons. Nursing is a job that must be done with great interest. Unless you do it with interest you won't be able to enjoy your profession as you always deal with patients of different age.

1. Use Proper Gloves to Avoid Latex Allergy
2. Don’t Tolerate Workplace Violence
3. Be Careful of Sharp Objects

I would say that these would be a few tips that nurses must follow in their work place.

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Re: Nurses Safety Tip For Today

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Kunle Emmanuel wrote:
Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:03 am
Nurses Safety Tip For Today

Many nurses work, work and work (i.e. they overwork) in order to 'make' money till they unknowingly develop ill health as a result but in the end they start spending the money they have 'made' to treat the ill health they developed while trying to 'make the money'.

Some constantly work overtime, some do double-shifts, multiple jobs, some travel many miles/kilometers, some have no time to eat or, some have no time for families/relationships and so on. All because of work!

As a result many people are stressed (physically, mentally); many have ulcers, high blood pressure; psychosocial problems; many have even had accidents with irreversible consequences, to mention a few.
We are to work in order to enjoy our money, and not to spend our earnings on illnesses.
No one can finish the world's work!

Dear Nurses, workwise and worksafe! find time for rest, don't compromise your vacation and ensure you do annual medical examination.

You shall eat the fruit of your labour.
Very useful and practical you have shared here. In the end, I want to add the if we want to serve people then we should have to stay safe and secure. Moreover eating healthy food and fruits on regular basis will help our immunity system to fight against germs and diseases.

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Re: Nurses Safety Tip For Today

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Medical laborers are presented to a considerable measure of difficulties, including wellbeing and security challenges, and along these lines it is significantly more essential to make a culture of wellbeing inside the association This, thusly, makes a patient-focused group that performs with a feeling of demonstrable skill, association, effectiveness, straightforwardness, and responsibility.

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Re: Nurses Safety Tip For Today

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Nursing is very noble profession.Some Safety tips are
1. Needle Safety
2. Safe Patient Handling
3. Hazardous Drug Administration
4.Repetitive Motion Injury Prevention
5.Infection Prevention is research paper helper.Contact feel free for Research Paper Help on Latest topic

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Re: Nurses Safety Tip For Today

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When last did you take your annual leave ?

When last did you take a rest from office work including the hustle and bustle of city life?

If you die today, the company will not shut down.

Enjoy your annual leave and comeback refreshed.
Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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Re: Nurses Safety Tip For Today

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Its a very small thing that most of them under estimate about being hygienic or stay away from allergies is that,

taking care of basic hygiene is important
for e.g, hand sanitizer is thing most of them ignore if you are allergic to any reactions maybe its air,sand,dust skin,hair.

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Re: Nurses Safety Tip For Today

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Take it from me

Sickness reduce your quality of life, most of your life goals cannot be achieved with ill-health. Please take your personal health seriously. Without good health, you go no where.

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Re: Nurses Safety Tip For Today

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  • A blood pressure cuff that’s too narrow can cause a falsely elevated blood pressure reading.
  • When preparing a single injection for a patient who takes regular and neutral protein Hagedorn insulin, the nurse should draw the regular insulin into the syringe first so that it does not contaminate the regular insulin.
  • Rhonchi are the rumbling sounds heard on lung auscultation. They are more pronounced during expiration than during inspiration.
  • Gavage is forced feeding, usually through a gastric tube (a tube passed into the stomach through the mouth).
    According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, physiologic needs (air, water, food, shelter, sex, activity, and comfort) have the highest priority.
  • The safest and surest way to verify a patient’s identity is to check the identification band on his wrist.
  • In the therapeutic environment, the patient’s safety is the primary concern.
  • Fluid oscillation in the tubing of a chest drainage system indicates that the system is working properly.
  • The nurse should place a patient who has a Sengstaken-Blakemore tube in semi-Fowler position.
  • The nurse can elicit Trousseau’s sign by occluding the brachial or radial artery. Hand and finger spasms that occur during occlusion indicate Trousseau’s sign and suggest hypocalcemia.
  • For blood transfusion in an adult, the appropriate needle size is 16 to 20G.
  • Intractable pain is pain that incapacitates a patient and can’t be relieved by drugs.
  • In an emergency, consent for treatment can be obtained by fax, telephone, or other telegraphic means.
  • Decibel is the unit of measurement of sound.
  • Informed consent is required for any invasive procedure.

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