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Nursing Cellulitis Care Plan

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Nursing Cellulitis Care Plan

Unread post by caitlinlionel » Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:17 am

Hormonal Factor Of Cellulite Appearance In Man

Hormonal factor - Cellulite in men occurs when an imbalance in blood adrenaline, which activates fat metabolism and noradrenaline cells blocking the process of lipolysis. Impaired posture provokes incorrect placement of internal organs, which complicates the process of circulation between them plays the same role and tight clothing, hampering movement.

Symptoms and Diagnosis - At home, identify cellulite in men is almost impossible. The skin in the area affected by cellulite is smooth and even. This feature is due to difference between the morphological structures of connective tissue skeleton in men. Share the collagen fibers (They provide strength and elasticity of tissues) in the skin of men several times the amount of elastic fibers. That is why the minor changes in the structure of the fat cells virtually no effect on the external condition of the skin. Increasing the number of fat cells leads to a male protrusion of the fibers of the connective tissue.

In cosmetology cellulite in men detected using a special imaging film that responds to temperature changes in the skin. When separate areas of skin lesions cellulite violation occurs internal circulation, and therefore the temperature of the body in such portions is significantly lower than normal. When applied to the film over the alleged affected area, on its surface appear colored spots that show skin with abnormal temperature.

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