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Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 9:26 am
by Kunle Emmanuel
1. Always dress in your uniform professionally, decently, and responsibly.
2. Be cheerful, friendly and compassionate while attending to patients or their relatives
3. Do not shout, scold or correct junior colleagues or students in the presence of your patients or their relatives. You can do that privately, in your office or at the Nurses station
4. Join Doctors during Ward Rounds (WRs) and make contributions on patients management
5. When your Ward is calm and less busy take your time to give patients Health Education on their conditions
6. Do not be pressing or playing with your phone while attending to your patients or their relatives.
7. Do not hiss or frown at patients or their relatives when they call your attention to attend to them
8. Do not chase patients' relatives out of the Ward during non visit hours. Call the security officers around to their Job.
9. When your patient tell you "Thank you Doctor" after carrying out a procedure tell the patient there and then that you are a Nurse not a Doctor. Take time to explain to the patient the difference between a Doctor and a Nurse.
10. After patient is discharge ensure to give the patient health education on discharge before he/she leaves the hospital.
11. During Night Shifts do check on your patients sparingly
12. Do your bed making procedure passionately bearing it scientific principles. Don't allow Cleaners, Auxiliaries etc to your work.
13. Set IV Lines competently and confidently.
14. Always remember to take informed consent before commencing any procedure on patients.
15. Take time to always explain the importance of regular taking of Vital Signs. Most patients think is useless and unnecessary.
16. Never gesticulate, formulate, or copy Vital Signs. Always take fresh one.
17. Expose any Quack you see parading himself/herself as a Nurse or Midwife.
18. Offer First Aid assistance anywhere there is an accident or need for medical attention. Introduce yourself as a Nurse before initiating any First Aid.
19. Use your Social media platforms especially Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc to educate your followers and contacts on health matters.
20. Avoid using your social media platforms to tell the world the problems and challeges of Nursing profession. Channel your solutions to appropriate authorities for consideration.
The responsibility of Making Good the image of Nursing in Nigeria lies on every Nurse and Midwife. Do your best at your own personal capacity.
Written by Bilyaminu Bala Yahya (RN, BNSc) from Ibadan, Oyo State.