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Before now,the Nigerian civil service placement has no provision for graduate nurses. It's either you're a RN or RM & that's all that was in place.
Nothing like ADNS, DDNS,DNS like we have today.

The peak of the Nursing career then was the CNO( Grade level 14,CONHESS 12) and you can attain that feat without a nursing degree. This may explain why many nurses really don't care about the Bnsc in the past.
Of what importance is a nursing degree when you can get to the peak of your career with just a RN / RM?
Thanks to the introduction of Directorate cadres in nursing profession. Without having a bachelor's degree which must be in Nursing, you can't go beyond GL 14, which is CONHESS 12.

This may also explain why everybody is doing BNsc now, of course, wouldn't you love to be a director?
So, for many years, graduate nurses, pressure groups, stakeholders and concerned nursing leaders began to fight for internship and harmonised scheme of service for nurses.
In September 2016, against all odds, our prayers were answered, the harmonised scheme of service and internship was approved at National Council of establishment in Minna, but with a K-leg.
The approved circular stated that intern nurses are to be placed on GL 8 ( CONHESS 7) while qualified post intern nurses are to be placed on GL 9.(CONHESS 8).
This circular failed to make reference to NYSC. (In an ideal situation, NYSC Nurses should be placed on GL9, CONHESS 8).
Those of us who are insightful. Then noted this and we warned that rather than rejoicing and celebrating the internship and harmonised scheme of service, this anormally should be addressed with immediate effect but no one listen. By the time they realized, it was already late.

Please note that the National Council on Establishments is the only consultative and advisory body to the Federal Government on establishment matters job standards, structure, conditions and schemes of service.
They met in 2017, also in 2019 but as a profession, we failed to correct that anormally ( Perhaps it was intentional by the enemy of progress, no one knows.)

Are we ready to jointly work in unity to correct that a normally so that our graduate nurses can be placed at par( GL 10 )with their counterparts in the healthcare sector?
Are we ready to speak with one voice?

If we miss it now, we may never get it right.
Thank you
The next meeting was meant to hold in Lagos later this year
Written by Oluwatosin
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