Nurses week messages by Nrs Oghenefejiro Praise

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Nurses week messages by Nrs Oghenefejiro Praise

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We must continue to do all in our power to change the narrative about nurses,especially because so many quacks are denting our image out there, the lingering negative stereotype is well known to me and many, we are not denying some of your claims but its also true that the good nurses far out number the bad ones, its just that most of you have decided to trash your good experience with nurses and hold back tightly to the negative for future reference. We know too well. Its true, humans easily forget kindness but hardly forget wrongdoing so we understand with your judgement.

Nurses have been stereotyped negatively in recent times , while it may be hard to correct this in Nigeria ,due to so many factors such as , influx of quacks in several health facilities , you must have observed that this negative stereotype is as a result of negative behavioural and attitudinal experience of people, who at one time or the other required nursing care, but none can tell with who such experience occurred, some are with Nurses whose professional background is most likely unknown and in few cases known.

I'm still of the opinion that this negative stereotype can be changed ,first when quacks are eliminated from the system, even though, they claim to know how to do the little things the public believed its all that make up nursing services,, such as checking vitals signs and administering drugs, how about other areas that truly make up nursing ,unknown to them and the public ,yet critically fundamental in the making and expertise of a Nurse?

I'm talking about the knowledge of human behaviors in health and illness , peace and conflicts resolution, that the professionals have been equipped with that helps in their day to day relationship with the people they nurse, exactly what helps them in meeting patient's psychosocial needs . How does a quack fit in here?

How i laugh when people say "Nursing is all about practical skills" they mean hands-on actions, what we usually call procedures, when i know how much i've rendered nursing service by just talking, no injection given ,whatsoever. Reason no one ,not even the government raises eyebrow when quacks are paraded as nurses, even though its against the law of government. Well let's leave this for another day.

But then ,the next moment, everyone is complaining of attitude and behavior of Nurses, oops!, but I thought its just enough to know how to give injection and check Bp? Lol... Does behaviour and attitude really matter? Now you can see that being practically skillful isn't enough, a good knowledge of human behavior in health and illness as much as ethical and legal considerations helps in the making a good nurse.

I believe this negative stereotype about us can be changed when we all as citizens rejects quackery. Human lives are precious, let anyone who loves to be a Nurse ,be properly equipped to do so, not some Haphazard training done in private clinics. The phrase ; 'a nurse is a nurse' ' A nurse is a nurse' is common, but that kind of thought process needs to go away as it becomes clear that appropriate education and training are needed.

Also the negative stereotype can be changed when we as professionals, make up our mind to apply the knowledge that makes us professionals ,in our everyday practice and interaction with patients and relatives.

The negative stereotype will be changed when a body is constituted to receive and resolve service satisfaction complains something like customer care service desk in hospitals, handling service complains from patients ,as it happens ,ensuring satisfactory services, nurses will no longer have to bear the burden of the entire system failure and people won't have to leave the hospital unsatisfied , ensuring the right of patients and also nurses are maintained.

I said the right of Nurses too , you see , no one talks about the right of Nurses, no wonder people can go to the hospital and at the slightest provocation, will assault a nurse and believe they can walk away freely with such crime, people go to the hospitals and when provoked at the reception, pharmacy, x-ray room, the cashier's desk, at the laboratory and even at the doctor's consulting room , comes back to vent their frustration, rage, sadness and anger on nurses, narrating how the entire hospital service is poor, how they will never return to this hospital again, how inhuman and all of that, and if the nurse becomes careless in her response at this point even though he/she isn't the original offender,lol.... will be insulted , and the worst, get assaulted. What they were unable to do at the original offender's office.. Lol.

Bottom point, Nurses are at the receiving end when all has been said and done ,and no one talks about the right of Nurses being violated, day after day, because of the lingering negative stereotype ,well propagated by Nigeria (Nollywood) movies and so we rarely get the compassion of the public, the very compassion they demand from us.

We are changing the narrative and we do hope that some day and let it be now, the nursing profession that Florence Nightingale envisaged about 200 years ago, be practiced and improved on over time.

Happy nurses week fellow nurses!.
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