Dear Final year Nursing Students

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Dear Final year Nursing Students

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Wed Oct 31, 2018 12:58 pm

You have reached the Rubicon and are about to cross it. You have come to the point where you decide if your efforts, years, money, energy and other resources spent in nursing school will go down the drain or not.
The day of reckoning draweth closer and thy fate lieth in thy own hands!

I know how you feel lately because I have been there before. The rush of adrenaline, tension, anxiety, stress, self doubt are no strange feelings to me.

No doubts, examinations are a source of stress to almost every student and though examination may not be the true test of knowledge but your dreams of becoming a REGISTERED NURSE will never come true until you pass your professional exams.

You have worked so hard and even sustained pressure sores burning midnight candles for this exam,so never let any perceived fear or self doubt be your undoing. Discard into the trash bin any negative feelings/stories you have heard about the General Nursing Council (GNC) Exams.
Rather develop a positive mindset, believe in yourself and have faith in God .

I presume by now you, must have covered the curriculum required for this exam and I also hope you find the following tips useful so you don't repeat the same mistakes some of us made in our own time.

On the day before the exam, revise some key concepts if there is need and also ensure you get enough rest/sleep.
This is not a good day to cram or to read till day break (TDB).

Also gather all needed materials for the exam such as pen, ruler, calculator, pencil, eraser etc, a night before the exam, this is to avoid last minute rush.
Have a good meal before going for the exam.

Locate the exam venue before the exam day and ensure you arrive at the venue at least 1hour before the exam time.

Be simple and smart in your dressing. While waiting outside to be ushered into the hall, avoid the temptation of discussing what you studied with your fellow students.

Nursing curriculum is vast, you will always discover some topics you have a poor knowledge of and this can throw you into a panic attack and wreck your self confidence at the same time.(I'm writing from experience)

Check yourself properly for incriminating materials before entering the exam hall. I have seen students disqualified in exams even though they unknowingly carried into the exam hall unwanted materials they studied with.

Answer to your name during the roll-call and ensure that your name is ticked on the attendance booklet.

Listen carefully to your invigilators' instructions, never argue with them or create a scene.
Don't start forming ITK(I too know), just behave yourself and avoid nasty comments.

Once in the exam hall, say your prayers and never begin writing until you are told to.

Read the exam instructions carefully, go through the entire question papers and check how many pages they are. This is to identify any missing pages or blank pages.

Carefully fill in your details as requested such as NAME, EXAM NUMBER, TYPE OF PAPER, DATE, TYPE OF PROFESSIONAL EXAM etc.

You will be required to answer 100 objectives plus 3 "earth quaking" theory questions within 3hours.
So manage your time very well by planning on how much time to allocate to each question.

Always have a wrist watch so you can keep track of the time you spend on each question.
This will help you pace yourself during the exam.

It's always preferable to begin with questions you have a good knowledge of and also advisable to start with the objective questions.
Why? Because sometimes the options in the objective questions can give you a clue to some of the answers of the theory questions .

Don't be excited if you find the exam cheap or if everything you studied came out in the exam.
Over confidence can cause you to make a huge mistake.
So bros calm down! Lolz...

Should you see a question you have never come across, don't panic rather skip the question and return to it later.

Look out for words such as "list, describe, enumerate, list and explain, differentiate, clearly show with a diagram" etc.

You will not be awarded the complete mark if you only list while the question says you should list and explain.

Remember to label and name your diagrams appropriately. For instance, never draw the anterior view of the liver if the question requests for the posterior view.

If you have a poor handwriting, just work on it. Always write legibly, cancel neatly and avoid a dirty work.

Never joke with your NURSING CARE PLAN, very important!

Attempt all questions, don't leave any question unattended to. It's better to write something than to write nothing. Always make use of residual knowledge.

Avoid any form of disturbance. Don't look at other students, they will always appear to have written more than you.
So concentrate on your work.

If you like go out to urinate 100 times, just remember that it's your time that you are spending and you may not be given any extra time.

Stay till the exam finishes before you leave the hall.
If you feel stuck or unable to recall anymore, by relaxing and waiting in the exam Hall, you might remember more things to write.

Never be in a hurry to submit your answer booklet even if you are done with the questions.

Cross your T's and dot your I's. Look out for any incomplete or missing answers/mistakes and correct them as you go through your work again from the beginning.

Don't forget to tag any extra answer booklet used to avoid missing script and then stop writing when your invigilators ask you to .
Going contrary to this could attract deduction of marks from your paper

When the exam is over, Iinstead of brooding on the questions you feel you never answered well, say your prayers, get some sleep and prepare for the next day, it's always helpful!

At the end of everything, these exams don't define you or determine your worth so failing doesn't make you a failure neither is it the end of the world.

I know some people who wrote the GNC exams and failed many times but without giving up they made it ,some even at the last chance.
So have faith in your capability and never give up.

I wish you all the best in your exams and I look forward to celebrating your success.

Yours sincerely

Amb Kings

Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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