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JOHESU Strike and the Hypocrisy of the Federal Ministry of Health

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Kunle Emmanuel
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JOHESU Strike and the Hypocrisy of the Federal Ministry of Health

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Thu May 24, 2018 4:44 pm

As a member of JOHESU, I chose to remain quiet as the impasse between the Association of Allied Health Professionals and the Federal Government lasts, however I'm compelled to jot some words here as my little contribution to various positions held by people on this protracted issue especially the involvement of an NGO. The federal ministry of health has again shown its desperation to arm twist, make mockery of and perpetually enslave some select workers under their tutelage by conniving with a faceless NGO who call themselves 'Kingdom Human Right Foundation International' to impose their Machiavellian rule which characterizes the Ministry of Health under Adewole.

The mischievous NGO whose *legitimacy, origin and objectives are shrouded in doubt* challenged JOHESU by seeking court injunction to compel JOHESU to resume work in 24 hours, an act which is not only *laughable* but *childish* . How can a an NGO which is not even known, dared to meddle into an affair which is between the *Federal Government* and its *workers* ? What empowers the said NGO to summon courage to challenge JOHESU? Even Multinational Corporations like WHO, UNICEF etc are not mandated to interfere in any industrial action anywhere in the world as they are not in position to advice any striking union let alone seeking court injunction, indeed the action of the ministry is unprofessionally executed.

JOHESU comprises of some full fledged registered professional bodies without whose input the hospital system will not work, it comprises of seasoned professionals, PhD and MSc holders and graduates who are registered to work anywhere in the world so how can they be appraised as mere supporting staff? It's a kind of living in self delusion to think that hospital will be managed without these professionals, this is the view some people hold, but a visit to any federal hospital now will confirm the above statement.

The Federal Ministry of Health took the advantage of the silence from the Presidency and went ahead to unilaterally withhold the striking workers salary (after working for 18 days) without Presidential approval, an act which is against a legitimate strike and which go against the local and International Labour Laws part of which states that workers who serves the government notice of impending strike should be paid their salaries up to three months after which no work no pay rule is applied in the fourth month.

The action by Prof Isaac Adewole lead ministry has exposed him as incompetent minister hence the call by JOHESU for him to step down so that capable hands can take the lead. JOHESU is a law abiding group, it has nevertheless vowed to pursue its legitimate demands in the face of threats by the ministry and other interest groups, no amount of intimidation will deter JOHESU from pursuing this cause, this is just the beginning.

By Omoruyi Goodnews Osemwingie


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