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Building a Nigerian Nurses & Professional Growth

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Kunle Emmanuel
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Building a Nigerian Nurses & Professional Growth

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:26 am

A Nigerian nurse

What Nigerian Nurses have been doing for years is reacting to events and developments without any strategic plan and action for their future in the healthcare industry. Most often, they communicate to argue.

We blame other cadres and institutions around us without taking responsibility for our personal failures.

We are very good in refusal to invest on our personal development, on research, to support progressive movement, to make sacrifices necessary to become a strong contender. If we as individuals becomes better, we will automatically have a visionary professional associations etc. Leaders are reflections of the quality of people they represent. Our actions and inactions produce our leadership.

It is simply wrong to continue to blame or dwell in our past mistakes. This is a new dawn. We have ample time to rewrite our history and forge a future of success and fulfillment.

However, we must start by strategically desensitizing ourselves from poor thoughts. As a matter of urgency, Nurses should start dreaming big (spitfire strategy). Nurses should dumped the foundation that squeezed our imaginative capacity during our training and shattered our curiosity in the name of discipline.

Nurses should stop the blame game within colleagues and oppressive supervision. The more we talk about negative things the worse we become. The more we emphasize our weakness, the weaker we get. Let's be goal getters. Lets begin by taking action to fix our educational and practical aspects. Talk is cheap, blame is easy. The question is, what can you do. Yes you!

It's time to be proactive and light up nursing profession. Bringing nursing at par with other professions will not be actualise through slogans "like nurses are great ", nurses are beautiful and handsome " Nurses are this or that ". We can sing those slogans forever without any progress if we don't start taking serious action towards our personal and professional development.

Let the outsiders mirror us; If we deliver, we shall get positive feedback. What we get from outsiders now is not even good to mention. What can you do for change, for transformation, for growth, for glory.

Nigerian Nurses, it is time we walk the talk. Ideations without execution is delusion. We have deceived ourselves long enough. We should address our selfishness, mediocrity, lack of interest in intellectual activities, lack of exposure and why we hate research. Of course there are outstanding and exceptional Nurses in Nigeria. We must be committed and shift towards transformation immediately before we will be a force to be reckon with. Nurses have the brain and numerical strength. If we work together, united by our ideals and passion to heal humanity, we shall be unstoppable.

Dear Colleagues, our profession is sitting on gold in Nigeria. We are not part of the elites that squandered the funds for public health promotion in Nigeria.
We must align ourselves to success principles in order to rip the future benefits. There will not be smaller standard for nurses. Everyone who desires success must face similar challenges and subject him/herself to the same principle.

Do not be jealous when a colleague is flying when you cannot. Let the nurse around you fly. He or she will generate enough kinetic energy to make you fly too over time. Even if you don't fly, be happy because one nurse success adds to glory of our noble profession.

All in all, no amount of government rewards will bring professional fulfillment If we fail to develop leadership and intellectual capacity to liberate Nigeria from her shameful health indices. It is also through such accomplishment that success will overwhelm us with wealth, honour and space in all positions of leadership.

I look forward to a time soonest when NANNM/head nurses/council will initiate a process of building nurses capacity towards professional growth and the achievement of sustainable development goals.Resolutions from such events if implemented fully, legends will emerge in Nursing from the bedside, research, education, public health and leadership.

It is time for us to take charge of our future. Every Nurse must now take away every negative idea in his or her head. Say goodbye to negative ideas. Let's get to work.

By Aliyu Garuba

Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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