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Nursing entrepreneurship By Nurse Idoko Linda Ochanya

Hospice Nurse: If you have a sympathetic nature and enjoy working in the home environment, consider starting a hospice nurse small business. This type of small business can be started with just yourself as an independent contractor, or can involve you hiring several nurses to work for you and your clients. Hospice nurses typically care for geriatric or chronic-disease patients in their own homes. They can also support recovering stroke or accident victims that need physical therapy and around-the-clock care.

Medical Representative: Medical representatives are the key point of contact between pharmaceutical and medical companies and health care professionals, promoting product awareness, answering queries, providing advice and introducing new products. Revenue-wise the business is highly lucrative.

Medical Store: Medical store business opportunity is perfect for those who are a chemist or has years of experience as a pharmacist. In this business, there are so many types of commercial options available apart from only medicine selling. One can start medical store business with extra value addition services like a doctor’s chamber, some test facilities like blood pressure, oxygen supply etc.

Mobile Health Service: This is also a booming business nowadays. People with their busy schedules prefer to have some basic services at their doorsteps. If you can arrange the vehicle for mobility, you can consider starting this business from your home also. However, the business demands strategic planning and moderate capital investment.

Nephrology Nurse: Nephrology Nursing aims to work in partnership with people who have the renal disease to optimize their health and that of their families and communities. Renal disease is a chronic illness often irreversible condition arising from many causes and frequently progresses to end-stage renal disease that requires dialysis or transplantation to sustain life. In our society we have very few dialysis centres and most patients have to travel long distance to get treatment. Opening a private dialysis unit in your locality and building connections with hospitals and individuals for continue management of patients after discharge is a good idea to look into.

Nursing Training: If you are a certified and experienced nurse, this business is just perfect for you. Nursing training institute is a profitable and self-rewarding business as well. Note here, this does not necessary mean establishing a nursing school, it could be training for certification in specific areas of nursing care, such as wound management, family planning, endoscopy, colostomy care etc. However, the business demands specific affiliations and licensing.

Nutrition Consultant: The Nutrition Consultant Training Program provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the foundations of whole food nutrition as it contributes to the prevention of illness and the promotion of optimal health. In the program, students study the fundamentals of nutrition: physiology, anatomy, macro and micronutrient selection, and the effects of foods on the body. As a nurse nutritionist, you can focus on peadiatric feeds or any other condition utilizing locally available food products to create special feeds for your target. This will make it readily available and affordable for the community.

Telenursing Agency: The demand for the telenursing services in increasing nowadays. And as per the net profit earnings, this business is highly lucrative. Telephone triage is the practice of conducting a telephone interview to assess the urgency and severity of the patient’s symptoms.The outcome of telephone triage is the appropriate patient referral to the appropriate level of care within an appropriate period of time.

Wellness Nurse: Wellness nurses are responsible for accommodating patients’ preferences, and for improving the health of patients as much as possible through diet, exercise, medication and physical therapy. Additionally, you can start this business from your home or from a commercial space.

Wound Care Nurse: This type of nurses specialize in the proper management of wound care by treating and monitoring wounds that are the result of disease, injury, or medical treatments. Generally, the majority of the positions for this type of nurse are in nursing homes or hospitals.

Blood Bank: Establishing a blood bank is a profitable and self-rewarding business too. However, the business demands substantial capital investment. Additionally, you must obtain different licenses and permissions from the Govt. authority.

Career Advisor: This is a very wise profession. You can become a career advisor for the individuals who are looking for advice in the healthcare career opportunities. You can start and operate this business as part-time and home-based also. However, you must have adequate knowledge, skill, and experience in starting this business.

Child Care Center or Creche: This is a booming business in the both developed and developing countries. As the number of working women is increasing, the demand for this type of services is also growing. Generally, a child care center or creche keep the babies and children for the certain duration of time. They provide the necessary care to the children in exchange of monthly or daily fees.

Diagnostic Center: An individual having experience in laboratory science can initiate diagnostic center business with substantial capital investment. Diagnostic center with pathology is one of the most profitable businesses in medical and pharma industry. Having education background on microbiology is a plus but this is not mandatory.

Dietitian / Diet Planner: Are you a certified dietitian? You can start a business from home as diet planner. And also have tie-ups with fitness centers or gym. Additionally, you can also operate the business from a commercial office of your own.

Esthetician: Generally, an esthetician is a licensed skin specialist. Broadly, the services include clean skin through skin exfoliation, massage, aromatherapy, and facials. The demand for this type of services is increasing very fast. You can start the business at your home. Otherwise, you can have a tie-up with salon, spa or beauty clinics. (You know we have a craze for fair skin in our community. Let's face our climate is neither skin friendly, so helping ladies achieve a fair and heathly skin in a professional (healthy) way is be a welcomed idea)

Fertility Clinic: This is another booming business worldwide. Due to the environmental changes and changing lifestyle, people are suffering more and more from fertility problems. Therefore, starting a fertility clinic business is the best opportunity in the nursing and healthcare industry. Specialization in Embryology will be needed.

Health Blogging: This is the best online nursing related business you can start from home. Just set up a blog and share your knowledge and experience to your readers for free. You can maintain a blog even as part-time also. You can earn handsome advertising revenue from your blog.

Herbal Medicine Selling: Nowadays, the demand for herbal medicine is increasing rapidly. People are becoming more and more health conscious. And the awareness of harmful aspects of medicines is increasing. You can start the herbal medicine selling business by two ways. You can start from a retail brick and mortar location. Otherwise, you can start online selling. Melecine man comes to mind?

In-house Nursing Service: Here your customers are the people who can’t leave their house and look for nursing service at their home. Generally, moms, senior persons and the accident survivors are the target demographics of this business. However, you can offer services as per your area of expertise and skill.

Lactation Consultant: A lactation consultant is an allied health professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. Lactation consultants commonly work in hospitals, physician or midwife practices, public health programs, and private practice. They are certified through the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE).

Life Care Planner: In this specialized subset of case management, Nurse Life Care Planners create healthcare roadmaps. These nurses help patients who have suffered catastrophic injuries and illnesses, advocate for them, and plan out their care. Nurse Life Care Planners work with a patient’s family, insurance company, attorneys, and others to develop a life care plan, determining the future needs, services, and costs of care for the patient over their lifetime.

Maternity Clinic: A maternity hospital, also lying-in hospital (archaic), is a hospital that specializes in caring for women while they are pregnant and during childbirth. Maternity hospitals also provide care for newborn infants and may act as centers for clinical training in midwifery and obstetrics. However, the business demands substantial startup capital investment.

Medical Equipment Selling: This is another very lucrative business. This type of business includes a wide range of products. In addition, you can start this business by two ways. However, according to your investment capacity, you must determine the exact business model. You can start medical equipment selling from a retail location or you can start online selling.

Nursing Agency: Some experienced nurses start their own nursing agencies. These types of entrepreneurs typically employ nurses and act as an employment agent or recruiter. According to the Small Business Brief, nurses are hot commodities in the modern market because the need for nurses is greater than the actual number of available working nurses. If you’ve been in the industry for a while and already have a network of established relationships with other nurses, this might be the small business for you. The basic premise for this type of small business is finding employers who need nurses and then matching available nurses with open positions. The entrepreneur simply makes a profit by taking a specific percentage of the nurse’s pay or by even charging a finder’s fee for direct hires.

Holistic Nurse: Holistic nursing is based on the philosophy that the body, mind and spirit are connected. Nurses who are already well-versed in Eastern medicine and holistic practices, such as yoga and Reiki, may be interested in starting an independent holistic nursing practice. Holistic nurses are typically certified by the American Holistic Nursing Association, according to Small Business Ideas for Nurses. The actual practice usually involves an assessment of the patient’s overall wellness, including nutrition and overall mental and emotional mindsets. Holistic nurses often study acupuncture, massage therapy and reflexology as well. They treat the root of the patient's illness as well as the actual physical symptoms.

Legal Consultant: Registered nurses who want to ease into retirement or start a second career may want to consider a career in legal nursing consulting. This type of small business utilizes years of practice and pharmacology experience to aid with criminal and civil court cases. According to Independent Nurse Contractor, nurses who have years or experience in emergency rooms are often a good fit for this profession. This is often because they have assisted in the diagnosis process, and have witnessed the consequences of misused medications and overdosing.
Apart from this list of nursing business ideas, there are several opportunities you may find feasible. We hope, this list of nursing business ideas will help you in starting your own business in the healthcare industry.

In conclusion, we leave you with this thoughtful tips....

Think NURSE ENTREPRENEURSHIP, think BIG, have a dream.

Turn the dream into execution.

Do a wheel of life. Sit down and draw a plan. Sit down and score yourself.

Check back at the areas where you are weaker and draw your life's goal based on those areas of weaknesses.

Draw your skill sets based on your areas of weaknesses.

Live in your own. Don't be a wanna-be. Don't follow the crowd. Do YOU!. Find what is good for you and blow it.

Manage your time. Act now and not later. No procrastination so as to avoid regrets.

Whatever you set out to do, MEAN IT! Take the bull by the horn. It's important to set realistic goals. SMART GOALS!

Break your goals down into small realistic goals. Put time frame to your goals. Do what works for you. Don't do RAT RACE!

Always find a reason to brush up on your skills.

Move with the right crowd. Interact with the right set of people who can impact positively on your life and career.
Knowledge is power, times are changing, strive to get better and stay useful in this tech savvy times.

Self awareness is key. Know yourself potential, be self aware of who you are, know your real talent and realize them. Be self aware of how you come across to people. Know how people perceive you. Align it with how you want people to perceive you. Have the "I-CAN SPIRIT" and be the "UNIQUE YOU!!!

We Wish You all PEACE OF MIND. In a busy, over thinking world, may you find time to relax and rest your mind. MAY PEACE BE WITH YOU. Do enjoy a lovely and great year in 2018.

Yours sincerely,
Nurse Lynn,
Your Psych Nurse Specialist (PNS)

"Changing how the world thinks about nursing".

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