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Quackery in Nursing A proposed way forward

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Kunle Emmanuel
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Quackery in Nursing A proposed way forward

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:07 pm

Quackery in Nursing: Public depth perception and the solution to it.
Can we really succeeded in fighting against quackery in nursing profession if only GOOD RNs say "There is nothing like AUXILIARY NURSES but QUACK NURSES in our hospitals? "

In case you don't know:

🏩A hospital very closed to me and owned by a senior colleague has no single RN or RM but quacks and people are referring them as AUXILIARY NURSES.

📺📻Medias are referring them as auxiliary nurses a times they misconstrued them as RNs on their HEADLINES

💉Proprietors of private clinics/hospitals/nursing and maternity homes are tagging them as auxiliary nurses to the worst as RNs

📚NMCN (a regulatory body) and NANNM (a professional body) are all watching, hearing, and reading things like this and nothing has been done.

NMCN is currently compiling it's comprehensive RN/RM database via Professional Update Form (PUF) to know the actual numbers of RN/RMs practicing both within and outside the country. If successful this could serve as a tool to help NMCN in a number of ways one of which is "FIGHTING AGAINST QUACKERY".

For example:
1. The NMCN would say 'any RN or RM is allowed only to practice at the same time in two hospitals (let say a public and private)'

2.Any hospital or institution (public or private) must submit the names of it's nursing and midwifery workforce with NMCN Registration Numbers

3. All private clinics/hospitals across the country must register with NMCN and each assigned with a unique ID/code

4. Each private clinic/hospital must have a specific number of RNs and RMs as set by NMCN

5. Finally, if a newly established clinic e.g Abuja Clinic with assigned ID No. (NMCN/2017/001/KD) want to employ RNs/RMs, the owner must submit to NMCN the names of those who applied for the job to undergo before employment the following procedures:

a) The ID No. NMCN/2017/001/KD will be entered into the NMCN Private clinic portal

b) Immediately after the ID No is entered the name of the clinic will appear which is Abuja Clinic situated in Kaduna State.

c) Then the NMCN registration number of each RN/RM is entered to view their records including employment details. For Example, If Nurse Ismail Nasiru with reg. No RN10000001 applied for the Abuja clinic job, his registration number will be entered and his details will appear on the computer screen. If it was found that Ismail Nasiru who is a staff of Kano State Hospitals Management Board and at the same time works in Nana Khadija Clinics, then Abuja clinic has nothing to do in employing him and need to go and look for another RN not Ismail since he will not be allowed to work in more than 2 hospitals.

d) This will be applied to all candidates and no hospital will be granted licence of full operation until it meet the requirements of having a minimum number of RNs/RMs set by NMCN.

d) With this NMCN has the list of all private clinics operating in the country with the names of their Nursing staffs as no private hospital will operate with quacks and without a minimum number of RNs/RMs as NMCN will only allowed those it granted license to operate.

e) If Ismail Nasiru leaves the service of Nana Khadija clinic he must informed the NMCN in order to update his details that will allow him to work in another private hospital by so doing the NMCN will know that Nana Khadija Clinics is short of one RN and will take appropriate action to see that it replaces the lost staff to forestall closure of the hospital.

f) Finally, any erring private clinics will be published in NMCN website/Facebook page and national dailies to keep the public informed about it's activities towards ensuring safe and efficient nursing care to the citizenry.

Thank you.

Ismail Nasiru, RN

Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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Kunle Emmanuel
Posts: 2199
Joined: Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:02 pm
Location: Lagos

Re: Quackery in Nursing A proposed way forward

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:15 pm

On 60% of foreign trained DOCTORS who failed MDCN council Exams, MDCN registrar has this to say:

“We have cleared this matter with the Senate and the House of Representatives. They have failed and they have failed. They should re-present themselves for another examination. Nobody can get medical license through the backdoor."- Dr Tajuddeen Sanusi, MDCN

My take: This is to show that nobody could dare to train AUXILIARY DOCTORS and MDCN allow him without taking serious action against the parties concerned.

Everywhere you go is 'AUXILIARY NURSE' not AUXILIARY DOCTOR.

I never heard of:
Auxiliary doctors
Auxiliary lab scientists
Auxiliary radiographer
Auxiliary physiotherapist
Auxiliary this, auxiliary that in any hospital.

But only auxiliary NURSES......
Why? Why? Why?

Should NMCN take a proactive measures on training of quacks nurses, we would never hear anything like auxiliary nurses in our hospitals but probably auxiliary doctors, CHEWS, lab scientists or auxiliary pharmacists.

But what is the way forward?

By Ismail Nasiru
Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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