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Being a nurse requires effort and initiative. You have to be responsible and willing to learn as you go along.

There are things you have to keep in mind for you to be a good and effective nurse.

Being one does not mean you are the most popular or the one who makes the most money. It means you have to be able to touch people’s lives through your actions.

Here are important habits and traits that highly effective nurses must possess:

Motivate Yourself Always

Excellent nurses take the job seriously, but they also find happiness in what they do. You always have to be compassionate, enthusiastic and interested.

Motivation could definitely help you survive even the most difficult times!

Pay attention to details

Effective nurses notice everything. This is one of the many traits that you must have for you to be able to give quality patient care.

It is when you pay attention to details and note them that helps you generate qualitative data which in turn helps prove your worth.

Be compassionate

This is a trait you must possess. A Nurse is a Nurse because of the patients who need to be taken care of.

Nurses have almost unlimited responsibilities and must know how to be compassionate with everything they do. This is what sets you apart from other health workers. Snapping at Clients because of perception of rudeness is just not it. You must develop resilience to cope at all times and in all situations.

Have a broader and deeper understanding of life

As Nurses, we have witnessed the worst things that life has to offer, and at the end of the day, we learn how to appreciate the important aspects of life, as well as be grateful for them.

Successful Nurses know how important life is and how important it is to let their patients know that they are important as well.

Continuous learning

No one who remains static in any position has relevance. For nurses, learning is a continuous process. They leave their homes with the assurance that they will learn something new as the day ends.

They are always open to learning and imparting whatever knowledge they have. Continuous academic proficiency is also a must to keep you on top of your job.

Patience is a must

For you to become an effective and a highly successful Nurse, you have to be patient all the time. Not only should you be able to work patiently with your colleagues, you have to be patient and compassionate with your patients as well.

Some patients and Clients are prone to transferred aggression because of the situation they found themselves. Some are exasperating, but never allow them get to you and change who you are. That's why you're a disciplined professional.

Emotional Stability

Emotional stability is also important in the life of a Nurse if she must succeed. There are a lot of things that Nurses will be witnessing as time passes by.

They should be the ones who are stable enough to handle whatever event may occur.

This is crucial for Nurses to survive all the emotional turmoils they must endure in the course of their practice..

Communicating well

A Nurse must know how to clearly and effectively communicate with doctors, colleagues, patients and their families.

Keep learning as you go. Good communication enhances your status and proficiency. Never compromise this.

Great sense of humor

Being able to lighten things up is an important trait of an effective nurse.

This is what keeps us going even through the tougher times. Yes, in this profession : tougher and rougher times exist.

It is your ability to liven things up that helps you retain your sanity in such dire situations.


Humans are said to be one of the most adaptable of all animals, but for Nurses the ability to adapt to certain changes, whether it is about scheduling or changes in shifts, is very important for a successful Nurse to possess.

You must be flexible with whatever job is thrown out to you, because you never know when and where you are needed, especially in difficult times.

Well, my learned colleagues : the above listed traits are just a tip off the ice bag in qualities a Nurse must develop and possess. There are other numerous traits that you must acquire as you grow in the profession, but starting with the above listed ones is a sure way to begin and excel as a professional that you are.

Good morning, colleagues of the noble profession.
LYM cares.

Lateef Yusuf Mary

Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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Unread post by smithwig » Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:06 am

To become a nurse, you need to take the specified courses to get your Uk assignment help. It took me five years of college, which include all my prerequisite classes.

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Unread post by parkerjohn » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:25 am

A nurse must have patience. A lot of patience since you're always looking out for doctors, lab results, for rooms to become available, in addition to your patients are always testing your patience The ability to perform various tasks and think and react quickly while staying focused on the job that needs to be done is central to being successful in this profession.

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