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NANNM President Meeting with JOHESU

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Kunle Emmanuel
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NANNM President Meeting with JOHESU

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:15 pm

Dear Beloved Nigeria Nurses,

It is no more news that there is industrial disharmony in Nigeria health sector which FMOH is treating with disdain. Sequel to this lingering crises a meeting of the five member union of Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) and members of Assembly of Healthcare Professional Association (AHPA) - the two bodies which NANNM is a member met today Tuesday, 12th of September, 2017 to do a critical review of the situation as it is affecting individual trade unions in JOHESU and AHPA and plan strategy towards executing the seemingly inevitable strike action, the doom which FMOH has had more than enough time and opportunity to address and avert but which it has refused to treat with the urgency and importance it deserved.

Dear professional colleagues, I wish to inform you that it was jointly agreed that a grace of seven days be given to FMOH to sincerely address the various issues staring our individual unions in the face or be made to face the mother of all industrial actions (indefinitely). The industrial action shall be in two phases starting with federal health institutions and to be joined by state and local government if nothing tangible is done genuinely within one week.

Attention to our members demand shall not be in piece meal but in full. The demands that are common to all member unions of JOHESU will be jointly presented for negotiations while the individual union requests will not be neglected as well as the meeting has set machinery in motion to go in to collate all union demands.

Furthermore, I wish to bring to your notice that the list of demands being circulated on social media that is generating controversy is particularly from Nigeria Union of Allied Health Professionals (NUHAP) and not general JOHESU list of demand as majority of our members tend to believe. The evidence is that the list was documented on NUHAP letter head. I want to use this medium to assure you that certainly, none of our demands shall be compromised.

NANNM as a professional association on her own has set out strategic plan to get every strata of the association properly mobilized and every stakeholder should await consultation and meetings to drive home our all inclusive mobilization and preparation towards an effective industrial action. Media releases on this should be expected as joint press conference of JOHESU will be held in Abuja soon. Also, NANNM headquarters has concluded move to utilize the mass media to achieve our mobilization and dissemination of our members concerns.

Finally, I wish to assure you all that the leadership of NANNM has the interest of nurses at heart and therefore will not be party to anything that can retard this noble profession nor infringe on the welfare of her members.

I however want to implore you to let us continue to stand in unity and give no room for distrust and disunity; I believe that in unity we shall truly stand.

Thank you.

Yours in Service to Humanity,
AbdRafiu Adeniji
NANNM President.

Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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