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7 Stress-Erasing Tips for Night Shift Nurses

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7 Stress-Erasing Tips for Night Shift Nurses

Unread post by Eviepayne » Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:00 am

Performing night shifts takes a real toll on your sleep, which then adversely affect one’s health. A prime example of this is with hospital nurses. They usually perform their duties flexibly around the clock, but that doesn’t excuse it for being hard.

Even though there are several advantages to such as working closely with other nurses, pay differential and slower work pace. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages that are faced by nurses as well.

These include, missing out on promotions due to administrators not being present and losing their promotional opportunities. Sleep cycles take some time to getting used to, but even that has side effects.

In order to get through this, we have prepared a list of great tips. We promise that you will feel more attuned to these night shifts than ever before.

1. Get plenty of sleep

Since your post is reserved for the night, you have to ensure that you get as much sleep during the day as possible. Right after you get back from work in the morning, put yourself to bed immediately. From that point on, you must rest for about 8 hours.

2. Store a couple of bites for the night

Hospitals have an urban legend surrounding it when it comes to food. Rest assured the eats over there are nutritious and edible. Before you tend to your night shift duties, grab a couple of your favorite snacks. If you’re not comfortable with hospital food, you can pack some homemade grub with you.

Instead of picking up bites that are infested with carbohydrates, cholesterol and fat, why not get your fingers on those things that are healthy and nutritious? Things like vegetables, raw salad, fruits and nuts make for a balanced routine that will leave you fit and quite active.

3. Use Caffeine-induced products

It isn’t rocket science to know that coffee is one of the most fundamental energy boosters to wake us up for the day and night. For night shifts, it will help us fight off our sleep tendencies and give us several more minutes to remain active on our work.

There are other caffeinated products that do the trick, such as tea or cola. A bit of advice however, you must never chug too much of this stuff as your body won’t be able to bear with it.

4. Keep yourself in synch with your family’s needs

There’s also the matter of tending to your family’s needs as well. You have to be sure that your kids go to school on time, prepare dinner and more. Family is what matters the most so you must balance out your schedule realistically if you wish to preserve time for them as well as your job.

5. Keep a good watch with you

There are at times when nurses have to check up on their patients during the night. At this point, you must equip your wrist with a good quality digital watch that comes with a bright light. Sometimes, your body will tend to doze off and the bright light from your watch will keep you from doing so.

Better yet, you should just stick to your smartphone, if you have one that is.

6. Monitor your own health

Because you are working during the hours where the average human goes to bed, you may want to keep your health under constant check from time to time. This is because those working night shifts are more likely to experience high blood pressure, diabetes and elevated levels of insomnia.

7. Interact with other nurses

In order to combat your sleepiness, you have to keep your body constantly active. One of the best ways to do so is to interact with the other nurses working there. Surely, you are not the only nurse who has to work a night shift.

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