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NANNM, NUNSA and NANSNM Workshop Communiqué

N&MCN, NANNM News Release and Admission News
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Kunle Emmanuel
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NANNM, NUNSA and NANSNM Workshop Communiqué

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Fri May 22, 2015 2:10 am

Communique Issued at the 2-Day Workshop of NANNM, NUNSA and NANSNM Held at Nurses House Gwagwalada, Abuja

A two-day workshop of National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) with the National Executives of the Nigerian Universities Nursing Students Association (NUNSA) and the National Association of Nigeria Student Nurses and Midwives (NANSNM) held at The Nurses House, Gwagwalada, Abuja on 5th and 6th of February, 2015 with the THEME

: Nurisng in the 21st Century in Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenges

Having examined issues raised during all the sessions which include;
i. Internship actualization and Unified scheme of service
ii. Inadequate publicity and media misrepresentation
iii. Admission issues for career progression
iv. Specialties in nursing
v. Unity between NUNSA and NANSNM
vi. Negative attitude of the staff nurses towards the students in the hospital
vii. Delayed issuing of Nursing license
viii. Postgraduate Scholarship
ix. Part-time programmes in Nursing
x. No official induction for the newly registered nurses/midwives
Recognizing the fact that unity holds the key to speedy professional growth
Alert to our responsibilities as stakeholders and emerging leaders

We, the National Executives and President of Nigerian Universities Nursing Students’ Association and the National Association of Nigeria Student Nurses and Midwives hereby
i) Pledge our full support towards the urgent approval of the Unified Scheme of Service in the best interest of all.
ii) Commend the effort of all stakeholders towards the implementation of Nursing Internship program.
iii) Request that a secured and reliable website should be launched for prompt exchange of information between students, student leaders, resource persons, mentors and the professional association.
iv) Observe the urgent need for NANNM to actively use social media (Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp) for continuous interaction and clarification of misconceptions and doubts on sensitive information henceforth.
v) Appeal that NANNM should encourage the launching of part-time Nursing degree programmes through online distance learning in at least one University in each geo-political zone across Nigeria, thereby giving every eligible nurse the opportunity to advance academically.
vi) Suggest that NANNM should collaborate with NMCN, Committee of Heads of Departments of University Nursing Programmes, National Association of University Nursing Programme (NAUNP) to agree on a strategy for negotiating with NUC, Committee of Vice Chancellors in Nigeria, Senate and House of Representatives Committee on Education, and other interested stakeholders on how to empower Universities in Nigeria towards increasing their capacity to meet the huge demand for undergraduate and Postgraduate education (BNSc.,MSc. and PhD. programmes) in Nursing Science.
vii) That NANNM should liaise with NMCN, Provost of Colleges and Committee of Principals of Basic and Post-Basic Nursing Institutions in Nigeria (COBPNIN) to sensitize all student nurses admitted into Schools or Colleges of Nursing in Nigeria on the benefits and limitations of the academic certificate issued.
viii) That NANNM should encourage NMCN to issue Nursing license as soon as the result is released for prompt application in Direct Entry or Part-time distance learning programmes as required.

ix) That NANNM should continue to organize and sponsor joint capacity building programmes for both NUNSA and NANSNM through educative workshops, seminars and conferences at State, Zonal and National levels for the unity and enlightenment of all aspiring professional Nurses in Nigeria.
x) That local, state and national executives of NANSNM and NUNSA should publicize and emphasize our common resolve for an integrated, inclusive and united relationship in the overriding interest of our profession and the good citizen of Nigeria as expressed in this Communique.

xi) That a Joint Action Committee of NANSNM and NUNSA be established to develop Action Plans for achieving the above stated objectives in collaboration with NANNM and other stakeholders.
xii) That NANNM should provide for a National Secretariat for both associations use at the National Headquarters to serve administrative ends of the associations.

The communique was signed by Odumosu Oloruntoba National President (NUNSA), Loyi Raphael National President(NANSNM

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