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Of what relevance is NANNM to the Nigerian society?

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Of what relevance is NANNM to the Nigerian society?

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:50 am

Mrs Magaret Olubunmi Akinsola is the first National Vice President, National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM). She speaks with TOLUWANI OLAMITOKE on her passion for her job, marriage, the challenges and fashion. Excerpts:

How long have you been in the nursing profession?
32 years.

Can you tell us why you chose to study nursing?
I love to care for people either in health or sickness and this had been from my childhood days. Whenever someone around me was down physically or psychologically, I always sought how he or she could get out of it. I wanted to train as a teacher since my father was one. I attended St Luke’s Teacher Training College, Molete, Ibadan and was there for six months before I took and passed the entrance examination to the school of nursing. I had a three-year training at the School of Midwifery, Catholic Hospital, Oluyoro. That was how I started my career in nursing.

The number of women in your profession is more than men. What in your view is responsible for this?

Women care more than men. We care for both our husbands and children. We stand in the gap. Initially, we didn’t have men in the field, but gradually, they started coming in.

Of what relevance is NANNM to the Nigerian society?

The association seeks mostly to enhance nurses and midwives productivity and when this is achieved, the environment in which we are working becomes the direct beneficiary. And to achieve this, we advise that we improve ourselves educationally and also seek the government’s support in the area of trainings on the job most especially outside the country. By so doing, we will be at par with our colleagues in other parts of the world. As a body, we advocate the provision of updated equipment, proper remuneration and good working environment. If all these are provided, patients will get the best of attention. We now have an association of midwives under he umbrella of NANNM and this acts as a voice for midwives. The Millennium Development Goals is aimed at improving child survival under MDG-4 and maternal health under MDG-5. Midwives as care givers are the most relevant in offering these services. That’s why we emphasise that midwives be given automatic employment after training and be put on the same salary structure at the federal, state and local government levels so that there will be no disparity. These will boost their morale and dedication to service.

It’s often said that nurses are loose. Is it so?

It’s not true. Every profession has its own peculiarity. I know a few people come into the profession because of the way we dress that is, neatly and smartly and some others because they want to travel out. An advantage of being in the profession is that with your certificate, you can always get a job either in the private or public sector.

Can you recall a day you can never forget on your job?

That was in the mid 90s. I was on supervisory duty and a woman was to have her first child. The baby had a breech presentation, that is it wanted to come out with the buttocks. As the supervisor on duty, I instructed an episiotomy to be carried on her. This is an incision sometimes made to enlarge the vaginal opening in the late stages of labour to prevent tearing and facilitate the birth. Since there was no light, the nurses had to do this with the help of a candle. During the process, a scratch was mistakenly made on the scrotum of the baby which was immediately cleaned and dressed. I wrote a report as it was the practice. The Apex nurse in charge of the unit, on reading this, reacted to the incident but I had to speak on behalf of the nurses by making the Apex nurse and other authorities know the kind of condition we were working in. At the end of the day, a generating set was provided the labour room.

As a care giver, what signs tell that a child has been sexually assaulted?

In the course of our training, we were taught behavioural science and psychology. With these you are able to identify a problem or a little deviation from the norm in a person. When a child is withdrawn even from her mother and the normal things she loves to do, becomes secretive and many times refuses to be touched and also tries to avoid communicating with you, then she has been either abused or has a problem.

How can such a child be helped to get over such an experience?

Medical attention should be given such a child. Also important is the emotional support, most especially from parents and counseling. Prevention it is said is better than cure. I will advise that parents and mothers in particular create time for their children and get involved in their daily activities. Your child should see you as her confidante.

How old is your marriage?

It will be 28 years by March next year.

Who is your spouse?

Mr Olusina Babatunde Akinsola.

What does he do for a living?

He’s into private practice. He studied Wildlife and Fisheries Management for his Masters degree at the University of Ibadan and is into fish farming business.

What’s your experience like in marriage ?

It has been God. Hardly can you see two people from Mayflower Secondary School getting married because of the kind of training we were exposed to. We were trained to be self reliant and always say the truth no matter whose ox is gored. As a female, we were made to understand that whatever a man can do, we can do better. We had the ideals of feminism inculcated in us. Again, we were taught that the expression ‘behind’ a successful man there is a woman’ is wrong. The correct word is ‘beside’. Our lives had been molded through these teachings and I went into marriage with all these in my head coupled with the fact that I was the first of seven children and so had authority over others. It wasn’t easy initially. I knew what we went through in the first 20 years of our marriage. But then, we brought God in and He made a lot of difference. When you give your spouse the respect and regard he deserves, he will stand by you and support you in all that you do. But then, a man must also love his wife. My husband gave me his consent to join unionism and has been supportive.

What thrills you most about your hubby?

He has never asked me how much I earn or what I do with my money. As a woman, I know little or nothing about the mechanics of my car. My husband took it upon himself to be solely responsible for the maintenance of my car and he won’t allow me to drive long distance.

Some people regard sex in marriage mainly for procreation. Of what importance is sex in marriage?

It’s of great importance. It enhances intimacy and bonds a couple. It’s the peak of your display of love towards each other and it’s a moment you cherish.

What advice will you give a woman whose husband is a philanderer?

If I advise that she insists the husband uses condom, it might lead to more crisis in the home because he might not want to. But now that we have female condom, she can use it to prevent being infected with transmitted diseases. But more importantly, she should learn to pray. Many issues can be settled on one’s knees.

What is relaxation to you?
When I sleep, read, meditate and pray.

How do you love to dress?

Simple and decently. I love English wears while red and yellow are my best colours. I’m always in flat shoes except if I’m going to church while I don’t make up.

http://www.tribune.com.ng/women-affairs ... uch-i-earn

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