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Sucking of the breast and infertility

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Kunle Emmanuel
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Sucking of the breast and infertility

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:30 am

In recent times, some few ladies have send pm complaining of milky discharge from their breast. All of them were not pregnant and one said she is even a virgin. This is why I decided to put this together and share with you all.

During foreplay, most men will target the breast and either fondle it or suckle it. Doing this with all things being equal, will not affect fertility in any way.

However, the only exceptions are seen in women with high levels of prolactin, which can directly affect pregnancy. Prolactin is a key breastfeeding hormone, when it is produced at a high level in a woman, it can down regulate the other hormones necessary for pregnancy to occur. This hormone when increase will lead to milky discharge in women. So for such women, suckling of their breast during foreplay will get the hormones increased.

During Lactational Amenorrhea Method, the same principle is applied. With all other factors equal, when the mother exclusively breastfeed the child, it will increase the level of hormones released and that will prevent the lady from getting pregnant.

In couples, breasts facilitate “pair-bonding” and can provide both social and psychological fulfillment to both parties. Most especially men evolved to love breasts because women are likelier to have sex with and/or become attached to lovers who handle their breasts.

This theory was propounded by a renowned neuroscientist Larry Young. According to Young, “more attention to breasts could help build long-term bonds through a ‘cocktail of ancient neuropeptides,’ like the oxytocin (an important hormone involved in milk production) released during foreplay or orgasm.” It is important to note that the same oxytocin, is activated when a woman nurses her infant.

Normally when women’s breasts are suckled, as they are during breastfeeding, the hormone oxytocin is released, this hormone makes the mother feel good and helps her bond with her baby. This same effect is seen among couples too.

She feels loving and attached to both the baby/man. The same reaction might happen if a man sucks and caresses a woman’s breasts during foreplay.

Handle the breast with care and as you play with it, know also that it is a natural feeding apparatus.

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