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Tips On Preventing Children Abduction and Kidnapping

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Kunle Emmanuel
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Tips On Preventing Children Abduction and Kidnapping

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Fri May 16, 2014 10:28 am

1. Teach your children to run away from danger, never towards it. Danger is anyone or anything that invades their personal space. Teach them to yell loudly. Their safety is more important than being polite. Teach your children that if they are ever followed by a car to turn around and run the other direction to you or a trusted adult.

2. Never let your children go places alone, and always supervise your young children or make sure there is a trusted adult present to supervise them if you cannon. Make sure your older children always take a friend when they go somewhere. Do not leave children alone in the playground.

3. At all times know where and who your children are with. Remind children never to take anything or respond in any way if approached by someone they do not know. Teach them to run away as quickly as they can to you or a trusted adult.

4. Talk openly to your children about safety and encourage them to tell you or a trusted adult if anyone or anything makes them feel frightened, confused, or uncomfortable. Discuss security issues with your children so that they will understand the need for precautions. Advise your older children about steps they can take to help safeguard themselves. Know your children's friends and their families. Pay attention to your children and listen to them. If you do not, there is always someone else who will.

5. Practice what you teach by creating "what if" scenarios with your children to make sure they understand the safety message and can use it in a real situation.

6. Consider installing an alarm system in your home with a monitoring feature. Make sure your home is secured with deadbolt locks, and ensure that landscaping around it does not provide places for people to hide. Check other access points, such as gates, and make sure they have been secured. Consider installing exterior lighting around your home. Make sure that your home is fully secured before you go to sleep, and items such as ladders have been securely stored inside. Prepare a plan to vacate your home in case of any emergency. This should include but is not limited to a fire. Have a plan if an intruder tries or gets into your home.

7. Make your children part of securing your home. If you have installed an alarm system, demonstrate it to your children and show them how to make certain that doors and windows are locked. This will not only help calm their fears but will also help make them part of your "safety plan" at home.

8. Have a list of family members who could be contacted in case of an emergency. Designate a family member or close associate who would be able to fill the role of advisor in case of an emergency.

9. Be alert to and aware of your surroundings. Know the "escape routes" and plan what you would do in different emergencies. Practice "what if" scenarios, so you will be well prepared. Know the location of local hospitals and best routes to reach them. Know how to reach the nearest local law-enforcement agency.

10. Know your employees and coworkers. Do background screening and reference checks on everyone who works at your home, particularly those individuals who care for your children, electricians, etc. Their knowledge of your family is extensive so make sure that you have an equivalent understanding of who they are.

11. Consider varying your daily routines and habits. Do not take the same routes or go at the same time on your regular errands. If you take your children to school change that route as well.

12. Take steps to secure personal information about you. Consider getting a post office box and a safety deposit box. Have your personal bills sent to your place of work or the post office box. Be discreet about your possessions and family’s personal habits and information.

13. Report any suspicious persons or activities to law enforcement. If you feel that you or your children have been targeted or are being stalked, report this information to law-enforcement authorities immediately. DO NOT WAIT.

14. Remember that you are your best resource for better safeguarding your family. Do not become complacent about personal security issues.

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Joanne Wright
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Re: Tips On Preventing Children Abduction and Kidnapping

Unread post by Joanne Wright » Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:31 am

Parents need to teach these stuff to their children at early age and it should be taught to them strictly as most of the children according to assignment writing help are abducted by kidnappers because they offer something to kid like candies, ice cream etc and once they approach for it they kidnap them so we need to team them never to take anything from any stranger. A social awareness should also be spread on this topic.

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Re: Tips On Preventing Children Abduction and Kidnapping

Unread post by Kriskazy » Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:45 pm

This issue of kidnapping is on the rise, a guy was just caught in lagos now who has built a big house because of this kind of job.
May God help us

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Re: Tips On Preventing Children Abduction and Kidnapping

Unread post by toacaowse » Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:48 pm

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Re: Tips On Preventing Children Abduction and Kidnapping

Unread post by toacaowse » Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:05 pm

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