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How to understand the appearance of women’s body

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How to understand the appearance of women’s body

Unread post by marienelson24 » Fri Jan 10, 2014 7:43 am

There are those who have so-called apple-shape. Such women recruited fat in the waist, and the person becomes progressively similar to the round apple. Usually it looks unattractive in the eyes of men.

We subconsciously draw attention to the roundness of the buttocks, chest and a narrower waist. Well so we, men, nature. Yes, all individually again, but the man still unconsciously more inclined to pay attention to the one that can give birth to healthy children.

More capable it is perceived woman with breasts and hips. But this is a slightly different topic, because it is worth raising the question of proportions, height, weight and personal perception, and the purpose of this article - to deal with the fear of women to pump large muscles. So, we understand that the appearance of the female, and the male figure, asks the skeleton, muscles and fat.

If a woman has too much fat and rather poorly developed muscle mass, usually she looks flabby, we can say weak. As a rule, such a physique fat tissue still becomes less dense and the accumulation of these entire look saggy. All this is accompanied by more and cellulite, which all women are so afraid of. As a result, some simply no longer tolerate all this and start to lose weight with all sorts of possible means.

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