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Why men are attracted to women’s breasts

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Kunle Emmanuel
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Why men are attracted to women’s breasts

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:00 pm

Though the preference for men varies according to size, there is no doubt that men love women’s breast. Little wonder some of them prefer to steer at the chest instead of the face most of the time. This is the reason why women are so concerned about the appearance and size of their breasts because they don’t want to feel unattractive, believe it, breasts are a major part of the attraction package.

Here are some reasons why men are attracted to women’s breasts.

Breasts are great to look at: Men love looking at the breasts for the very reason that they are great to look at. Whether they are small or big, breasts are one of the first things a man sees in a woman.
Breasts add grace and poise: Breasts are one of the few body parts which are curvaceous. Men don’t have any curves on their bodies, which makes being hard and straight a sign of masculinity. On the other hand, curviness is a symbol for womanhood which adds grace and poise to the way they carry themselves.

Breasts represent fertility: From time immemorial, it has been believed that men are attracted to women who are healthy and are able to reproduce. Breasts are a sign of fertility as they portray the notion that the woman would be able to bear children as well as nourish them.

Breasts offer visual stimulation: One of the main differences between men and women is that men are stimulated visually. They get turned on just by looking at a woman’s body. Firm breasts catch the attention of every male wherever a woman goes and stimulates them visually.
Breasts are the key to the second base: Most men don’t know about this, but those who do use it to their advantage. The breasts are the key to second base as they are located close to the libido. Fondling and playing with them leads to sexual arousal. This is one of the major reasons why men love breasts!
Breasts lead to great foreplay: Breasts are a crucial part of foreplay. In fact, foreplay is incomplete without a little fondling, sucking or kissing on the breasts. Apart from the breasts, there is little else a man could play with before the actual act.

Breasts are nice to touch: Men love how the breasts feel in their hands. While some of them can get wild and start twitching the nipples, most men are gentle with breasts, holding them with love and care. They are soft and supple, tempting men to grab them.
Breasts are mysterious: From the moment a man sees a girl her breasts become a source of mystery for him. He spends most of his time thinking about and visualising what hides beneath the clothing. Until he gets to actually see them, the mystery is a cause of intrigue for him.

No cleavage without breasts: The cleavage is perhaps the best sight a man could want to see. Low-cut tops or dresses that show a little too much at the top are highly attractive for males. Without breasts, there would be no cleavage, so men love the whole package.

Breasts are comforting: For some reason, men find breasts comforting. They love resting their heads on them. The very sight of them can make their bad mood disappear.

Courtesy: HealthPlus.

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