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Anion Panty Liners, why should you wear one?

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Anion Panty Liners, why should you wear one?

Unread post by Winalite » Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:40 pm

1. A panty liner is similar to a pad or sanitary napkin, but a little lighter, thinner and not used to soak up too much of your menstruation or period blood. Never use just a panty liner on a heavy day.

2. Use them in the last day or so of your period when you aren't experiencing a heavy enough flow to justify a more substantial pad.

3. Use panty liners a few days after your period, or to collect vaginal discharge. Discharge is the yellowy white stuff that you can sometimes spot on your knickers. It's a pain to wash off when it dries, which is why wearing a panty liner really helps. This is common during ovulation.

4. Keep a piece or two in your purse handy if you have discharge quite rarely.
o It's also good to keep a pack if you're going through puberty (developing chest, mood swings, growth spurt etc) as spotting and irregular periods can be frequent.
o Panty liners are small enough to fit into a wallet and can be a life-saver should you get an unexpected period. It won't be as absorbent but can provide some protection until you can get the appropriate pad

5.Discover the wonders of puberty and menstruation.
It can be exciting to know you're maturing, but you need to know some facts. If you don't have a mature female figure in your life you can ask a friend or friend's mother. All women experience this and most will be happy to explain without embarrassment.

6. Anion panty liners are the most comfotable that suit your body shape. For heavy discharge, you will need very absorbent sanitary pads. For medium discharge, regular pads, and for light discharge, you can use a pad for light flow or a panty liner.
o Some women need a thicker and longer sanitary pad for nighttime. Since body shapes differ your nighttime needs may differ. You may only need a liner for sleeping.
o Panty liners are often used as a backup for tampons to catch any leakage and prevent embarrassing situations.
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7. Make sure you keep the appropriate supplies handy. Many women keep a supply of pads for various flow, panty liners and tampons available in their bathrooms or storage cabinet.

8. Keep a small makeup bag (use the free gift-with-purchase from makeup companies or pick up an inexpensive, small bag) in your locker, purse or backpack with liners, pads and/or tampons in case of emergency. Not only will the bag keep everything organized, the contents free of dirt and debris, but you won't risk embarrassment should you spill the contents or have someone standing too close while you are looking in your bag.
o You'll also have the supplies you need when you need them.
o This is a good idea if you are about the age when girls start their periods but haven't yet. You don't want to be unprepared.

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Posts: 22
Joined: Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:50 pm

Re: Anion Panty Liners, why should you wear one?

Unread post by Winalite » Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:45 pm

These panty liners are such a revolutionary product that they can even be used by men and children by removing the Anion strip and using it. See the other health benefits associated with this unique product due to the use of the revolutionary and patented Negative Ion (Anion) Technology.

These products cannot be purchased in large stores or chains. All the Winalite products are available for purchase from an online partners.

Do you know that anion panty liners takes care of your premenstrual syndrome?

Order a pack now

Call now in Lagos. 08023252586, 08055858911 or mail naijamar@yahoo.com
Pantiliner Only. Contains 16packs x 30pcs. NGN17,000

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