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Winalite International Nigeria Business Opportunity

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Winalite International Nigeria Business Opportunity

Unread post by Winalite » Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:29 pm

Winalite International Nigeria provides a business opportunity with global network and innovative product. Winalite International create financial freedom while enjoying a mouth - watering residual income from a well structured compensation plan.

It is a Multi-level Marketing product.

You enjoy the following benefits:
1). Retail profit from the sales of product- 5600naira in one case.
2). PIB (Product Introduction Bonus)
3). Multiplier Bonus
4). Leadership Bonus

You have different level of registration, entry levels and benefits:

A set or box of Winalite Love Moon Sanitary Napkin Contains:

Day Use 10pkts X 10pcs per pkt ---------Distributor selling price N1000
Overnight 4pkts X 8pcs per pkt “ “ “ N1000
Panty Liner 5pkts X 30pcs pkt “ “ “ N1500
Total of 19pkts.

Send me mail on naijamar@yahoo.com and we talk to you more.

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