Do you know 13 Patient’s Rights while hospitalized?

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What is most important to you as a patient?

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Do you know 13 Patient’s Rights while hospitalized?

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1. Right to considerate and respectful care.

2. Right to be informed about diagnosis, possible treatments, likely outcome, and to discuss this information with the physician.

3. Right to know the names and roles of the persons who are involved in your care.

4. Right to consent or refuse a treatment.

5. Right to have an advance directive.

6. Right to privacy.

7. Right to expect that medical records are confidential.

8. Right to review the medical record and to have information explained.

9. Right to expect that the hospital will provide necessary health services.

10. Right to know if the hospital has relationships with outside parties that may influence treatment or care.

11. Right to consent or refuse to take part in research.

12. Right to be told of realistic care alternatives when hospital care is no longer appropriate.

13. Right to know about hospital rules that affect treatment, and about charges and payment methods.
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