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Canadian based Nigerian Nurse blast Nigerian Doctors.

For non healthcare worker who wish to express opinion on nursing and hospital issues.
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Kunle Emmanuel
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Canadian based Nigerian Nurse blast Nigerian Doctors.

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Tue Jul 12, 2016 3:09 pm

Then again , every freaking medical complaints , signs and symptoms in Nigeria is diagnosed as Typhoid and malaria !

Headache, Fever , abdominal pain , any pain , blood in the stool, skin rash , diarrhea , inflammation on any part of the body , abnormal weight loss, injuries sustained from accident; in fact if you fall from a nine storey building and break your neck , most Nigerian doctors will still treat you for Typhoid and fever ! If you are lucky, they will give antibiotics and send you home ! Or upgrade you to anemia , and do a blood transfusion!

How about second opinion?
How about referral ? No !
Most Nigerian doctors will want to treat you until you die in their hospital/clinic ; even when they don't know what the hell is wrong with you !
Your life means absolutely nothing to them ! To them you are a mere customer , and they will do anything to retain you as a customer!
They need your money to pay their staff the peanut salary they pay !

There is nothing like I don't know !
I have never seen this case before!
Go to Alaba clinic , maybe they can help you there ! Sometimes you waka with your two legs to a hospital; one wrong injection and you are dead !

There is nothing like I don't understand these symptoms ; go to this place ! No !
Instead they will refer you to their own private clinics!

Do you know that according the most recent WHO study ; the average life expectancy of an average Nigeria is 53 years old ? Yes ! If you live up to 53 years in Nigeria, you actually lived long !

This age has in fact gone up from the 43 years it was before !

Before you come to argue on this post , before you come to plead is not my portion here or do one religious incantation on this post ; go and ask yourself why our politicians travel outside Nigeria to get medical treatment !
Go and ask yourself why Nigerians trust Indian healthcare system more!

Go and ask yourself why your president had to travel to London to treat an ordinary ear infection !

Yes ! Your guess is as good as mine !

Yes , unfortunately, he doesn't fucking trust the health care system in Nigeria!

That's why a Nigerian woman suddenly becomes a prayer warrior immediately she finds out she is pregnant !
One wrong move and you are dead ! For ordinary childbirth !
And no one will be held accountable !

Trust me , Google app can give you a better diagnosis than most of these incompetent, half baked , Nigerian doctors !

Argue with your stethoscope!

Nora Oma Patrick (c),2016.

Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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