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Nursing is a unique job not only peculiar to the hospital but it is a job that has to do with helping people regain their natural fuction physically, socially, physiologically and mentally.

It is not a subsidiary to any profession.

It is not same a medicine. It is more that prescription of drugs and its administration.
Nurses are the set of professionals trained to help you do those things you would have done with ease if you are well. As a result of this, nurses offers a lot of services to enhance health maintainnance and recovery.
No wonder developed countries of the world do not joke with the welfare of their nurses and they respect and renumerate them very well.

Nigeria nurses are the best when they live the chores of this nation.
Nurses are travelling out everyday for greener pastures. The reason is not far fetched, the populace have no reagard for nurses, they actually cannot deferentiate between a certified nurse and a fake nurse.
Most private hospitals have been poliferated with unskilled cheap labour called auxilliaries who does not know the reason for their action , hence trained nurses are priced as low as 25,000 .

They capitalize on the gullibility of Nigerians, whose concern is to get well by whatever means.
Attempt to stabilize the entry point into nursing as a first degree failed because of government's interest, yet the same people rated nurses lower and lower everyday!
Nurses does all sorts on the wards, units, homes, schools ,companies, neighborhood, etc, to enhance the health of the nation.
Most times ,improvising and working without the real mordern equipment and materials. It is an understatement to say that man power shortage is biting hard on nurses.
A lot of nurses have lost their lives during this pandemic. Nothing is mentioned of it.
Many are sick and tired without help.
Of recent , we lost two nurses in one week in our establishment.
The fatigue from over working , the poor working condition, poor remuneration etc has contributed in no small measure to the plight of the nurse.
Nurses need a great deal of support ranging from:
*Man power/ nurses used to be more than any other professionals in the hospital in the olden days, but it is no longer so in many hospital today..

Employment of trained nurses has become an herculin task. We train our nurses for America and Europe to employ.
*Materials: You can show love by supplying free consumables to health facilities.
*Improved pay- Good remuneration
*Recognition- allow nurses to participate in management. Allow them show their God-given skills.
*Love - nurses deserve our love!
*Appreciation- encourage nurses with good words, stop talking down the nurse
Gone are the days when Nigerians are used to gathering together to slander their nurses. Appreciate your nurses, love them, encourage them, because they are very essentially in maintaining the health of the nation.
Nurses are taking a huge risk to ensure your wellness.

A lot of nurses have died as a result of Covid 19,
Many are presently at the war front! In covid wards,IDH, ICU, ERs, Ward etc,
Fighting to ensure Nigerians are alive and healthy.
No professional stays longer with the patients and clients than the nurse.
The nurse is a unique professional who plays a different role from that of a doctor.
They face greater risk than any health professional in the health care system.
They deserve our love and support!!!Nurses are great!

Nurses are caring!
Keep the light shinning !
Keep the world heathy!!
Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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