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Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 7:01 pm
by Kunle Emmanuel
Like most, I entered nursing school wide-eyed and ready to take on the responsibility of caring for those who needed me most. I was in awe of all the knowledge I was expected to absorb and the experienced nurses who made each move look like second nature. I knew within my heart I had found my calling, my place in this world, and after graduation I was ready to dive face first into my new job. I chose nursing because I wanted to make a difference; I wanted to come home knowing I did something right or brought a smile to a patient’s face. I was unable to accept a nine-to-five job for fear I would become complacent and lose the need for action, for that human connection to others in order to be satisfied with my career.

There are orders, there is screaming, there is pain, there is chaos. For every second of my 12-hour shift, there is something. Having shifts like these, day in and day out, can slowly fog over the rose-colored glasses I wore of the beginning of my nursing career, when I knew I was going to make a difference. After being cursed out, kicked at, spit on and told, “you’re just a nurse,” I sometimes begin to forget why I decided this was my calling. But then, as if the universe knows you’re on your last leg, there is the patient who looks you in the eye and simply says thank you and you know they mean it. That’s when I remember all that I know.

I know that because I chose to be a nurse there will be moments in my career that I will never be able to forget no matter how hard I tried. The wailing of a parent who lost their child, the defeat in the trauma team when we came so close to saving a life, the look of loss that swims in someone’s eye when they realize someone they love is gone, the shock and confusion when someone is handed a diagnosis that will forever change the person they were before walking in to the ED with a simple headache.

I also know that because I choose nursing there will be moments I will always remember. Moments I will cherish and cling to when I feel my faith in this career wavering.

It’s because of these moments that I have been able to hold someone’s hand while they let their loved ones pass into peace, cried with family members because in that moment, I wasn’t just a nurse — I was a person who felt and shared their pain, pulled up a chair to hear a story from an elderly person who just wants someone to listen, stood with a wife trying to explain how we were doing every possible thing in our power to bring back her husband.

In closing, because of this wild, irreplaceable career that has found me just as much as I have found it, I will always choose life, I will always choose love and I will always, every time, choose nursing.

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Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 4:00 pm
by Kunle Emmanuel

These eyes have seen pain
I have a mind that's always assessing
These hands have touched hearts
These feets have walked a thousand miles, all for my patients
My responsibilities as a nurse are distinct and unique, I'm not in competition with anybody, because I'm proud to be a Nurse.

I'm not wicked nor heartless, I'm not a gossip either .
I have been trained to be emphatic, so I understand what you are going through.
I'm a nurse, and that's what I do.
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Ojolola Adeife Bukola


Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 10:19 am
by Gemmii
Yes, nursing is a very good profession


Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:15 pm
by Kunle Emmanuel

The Nurse acts as a Public relation officer of the Hospital.

Being the first person to be seen as one enters the Hospital, her attitude towards Patients portrays the Hospital either in good light or in bad light.
If her behaviour towards the Patients is good, Such patients will not only come back when they are Sick, but will also speak good of the hospital to other Prospective Patients.

This will boost the image of the hospital within the Community where it is Situatated and its Environ.

It is a fact that Patients Observe the behaviour of all Nurses in the hospital and on Several occasions make bold to discuss same with the Doctor in-charge.
Patients, beside their Fundamental human rights which may of course be altered in the hospital, also have in addition, the right to;-
1. Consent to any procedure such as Surgery to be performed on him/her.
2. Refuse treatment if the side effects of the drugs are not explained to him/her.
3. Every consideration of his/her privacy during the period of treatment.
4. Examine and receive an explanation on his/her Medical bill.

A good Nurse is one who is:
Cheerful and relates very well to her Patients and Colleagues.
Obidient, tolerant and Understanding.
Punctual to work and Observant.
Neat and very smart
One that respect Colleagues and Constituted Authority.
One that keeps Secret all information Passed to her Concerning a patient.
One that does not use vulger Language, and does not engage in irrelevant
Conversation at work.
One that does not sleep on duty
One that does not convert the hospital's Patient's to her private patient.
One that does not steal hospital properly including drugs and instruments.
One that does not fight in the neighbourhood
Does not drink or smoke in Public
Avoid excessive make-up
Be kind to every one

Be a good ambassador of her Hospital and the Nursing profession


Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:29 pm
by Kunle Emmanuel
I have been trained to make it my nature
With my meekly tender on motion
Blissfully showing the sick my affections
Irrespective of their conditions
A vow I pledged during my induction!

I am not just a nurse but a saviour
A reliever of all souls
Medically putting sickness behind the door
My scapel,an instrument of pure
Pills, scissors, and more
Tape measure, all is pure!

I am a nurse and a mentor
An ever conscious health visitor
In and out of the ward I ensure
In spite patient's aren't sure
Your health care,my venture
Health education, is my chore!

I am a nurse,yet an health inspector
Working diligently with the other health team members
Rendering an holistic care for you
To make you back on your feet
Is a must,not an option
Consolidate and palpation
Till you are back to rehabilitation!

I am a nurse, that's my call
A job I do with all my all
With gentle joy throughout my course
Telling everyone across the world
Showing it big on my wall
Am a nurse among all!

I am a nurse, your humble servant
Always at your service with all my might
In the morning, day or night
Whenever you seem not alright
I bring your health back alright
Cheers!it's your right!

I am a nurse your caring friend
Comforting you since all then
Through your ailment, injury and pain
I encourage, persuade and mend
Even when relatives turn you down
I am ,but always there!

I am a nurse, that's my habit!
Always euphoria to be on feet
My white apron is my envious suit
Looking good while it fit in
I am much proud of my responsibility
Oh,God remain ability
Nursing is a globally recognized profession!