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Post-Operative Management of a Patient

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Aunty Nurse
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Joined: Sat Oct 19, 2013 1:29 pm

Post-Operative Management of a Patient

Unread post by Aunty Nurse » Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:33 am

Here is a good mnemonic for post-operative management of a patient.

A ny – Airway – Patent & maintained.

B ody – Breathing – Ascultate to ensure good breath sounds.
C an – Circulation – Check capillary refill

V irtually – Vital Signs – Temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, BP O2 sats, MEWS and frequency.

C ome – Complications – Haemorrhage, shock, chest infection, DVT, PE, wound infection and UTI

P repared – Pain Management – Opiates 1st, pain scoring system and monitoring.

F or – Fluid Balance – IVs, blood transfusion, care of infusion site (i.e. phlebitis).

N ursing – Nutrition – Introduction of fluids & soft diet, accurate monitoring (fluid balance chart).

W ith – Wound Management – Dressings, drains, stitches/clips, aseptic technique.

PAC ks of – Pressure Area Care (PAC) – Waterlow scoring, tilts, tissue viability, mattress/cushions, clean skin & bedding.

C olouring – Catheter Care – Ensure catheter is patent, using PPE, prevention of cross-infection, maintain modesty & dignity.

P encils & – Psychosocial Support – Communication, patient/family information, reassurance, relieve anxiety, set up services (DN, social work/home care).

P ens – Pharmacology – Analgesia, anti-emetics, prophylactic antibiotics, discharge medication.

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Grace Agochukwu
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Re: Post-Operative Management of a Patient

Unread post by Grace Agochukwu » Thu Oct 31, 2013 7:15 pm

Nice neamonic! Thumps up.

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