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Nurses' Role in Promoting Community Health Care

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:35 am
by Adella
Nurses are professionals dealing with the field of nursing, meaning taking care of the health of people who are physically unwell. Their task involves treating emergencies, ensuring recovery and safety, maintaining health, and many more. Furthermore, together with different individuals like physicians, they can be involved in medical research and do task necessary for promoting health care.

Sometimes they are interdependent with other health care professionals and individuals like therapists, physicians, and other members of the team, together with the patient and the family of the patient in developing a plan of care. They can also act as mediators between experts like dietitians, therapists and medical practitioners in coordinating with the patient. Independent duties are also practiced by nurses

Registered nurses are describes as the ones whose work deals with prevention of diseases, helping patients to deal with stress, and the promotion of health, educating people about health, developing and managing nursing care plans, helping improvement or maintenance of health, and instructing patients and their families. More particularly in direct patient care, they are to assess, observe, and identify symptoms.