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What do BSN Degrees offer a Nurse?

Discussions and questions about Nurse's Continuing Education.
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Head Nurse
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What do BSN Degrees offer a Nurse?

Unread post by Queenet » Thu May 03, 2012 10:54 am

What are the benefits of your degree? Will it raise your salary substantially, or does it offer other, less visible, less monetary benefits?
There is no real doubt that nursing is facing a shortage of monumental proportions. For those who are entering the nursing fields, they are typically looking at the best way to become a nurse in the shortest amount of time. Long waiting lists are keeping students at bay, making smaller degrees a more viable option for those students who want to get into the workforce sooner. For many, that means an online RN course or a class taken at a hospital or community college.

This permits the RN to be at work in a very short time span. It's after you attain that RN or RNM and begin your employment, that the limitations become apparent. For a nurse who has higher aspirations and goals, this is the time when going back to school becomes a serious consideration.

For many nurses who are already in the work force, the attainment of their BSN wasn't something they had considered. Time constraints, other responsibilities and sometimes lack of funds for them to quit work and study full time were all roadblocks to getting the more advanced degree.

Fortunately, the internet offers you some unique options previously unavailable to nurses in these roadblock situations. When asked to choose between offline- traditional university studies and online courses, most working nurses are opting for the online courses of study or open university (Noun) in order to achieve the higher degree. You don't have to sacrifice work and family time for a higher education.

What are the benefits of your degree? Will it raise your salary substantially, or does it offer other, less visible, less monetary benefits?
The RN to BSN courses that you will take will not notably increase your salary for the job that you are currently doing. This is something that many nurses aren't aware of and it should be made clear. While you may attain a small increase in your salary, the greater advantages are in the opportunities and the doors that will open to you once you achieve the first level of professional nursing.

RN to BSN courses might offer you an extra thousand dollars a year in pay. Additional benefits simply cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

It requires a BSN degree to teach Nursing. The technical RN or the DN graduate does not have the option of teaching. While he or she may be the most learned person in the world with regard to a given specialty, passing that knowledge along in a structured classroom environment is not something that they are permitted to do.

To become a Director of Nursing or the Assistant Director of Nursing,
you must have a BSN degree.
Many hospitals and nursing homes will put the RN in a position of supervisor or authority, but those who wish to climb further up the hierarchal ladder at any given facility will require a BSN. In addition, school nursing, public health nursing and training of other nursing students in a clinical environment requires the BSN degree to accomplish.

A higher education means a higher proficiency in communication,
leadership and teaching. You will be prepared to accomplish higher goals and take on more important responsibilities; doors will open that hadn't previously.
It's time to discover how RN to BSN courses will help you to achieve your nursing career goals, both professionally and personally. No matter how old you are or how practiced, the learning never stops.

"Changing how the world thinks about nursing".

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Kunle Emmanuel
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Re: What do BSN Degrees offer a Nurse?

Unread post by Kunle Emmanuel » Wed May 20, 2015 3:23 am

We know a nurse who went back and forth for 17 years asking herself, “Should I get a BSN? Should I wait to get a BSN? Can I possibly get a BSN and work at the same time?”

17 years.

Well, we’re pleased to announce that she finally DID get that BSN, and all signs point to a happy result! So, what led her to finally make the right call? Maybe because she read this list:

12 biggest reasons nurses get a BSN

1. More job opportunities. Many employers require a BSN for numerous positions (especially management jobs) within their organization.

2. Leadership. To bring management and leadership skills to the floor.

3. Low-impact job options. As the years wear on, you’ll inevitably find yourself desiring a nursing job with less physical demands than floor nursing. Being able to fall back on the BSN degree makes this transition possible.

4. Master’s prep. It’s a stepping stone to getting a master’s degree.

5. Marketability. An increasing number of clinical job postings are listing “BSN preferred.”

6. Opens the door to non-hospital opportunities. While you may be satisfied at your job today, earning a BSN will allow you to avoid scrambling when you’re ready to get out from under the fluorescents.

7. Personal enrichment. Earning a BSN requires a broad range of studies including liberal arts, history, poli-sci, informatics , health assessment, forensics, genetics…the list goes on!

8. Higher pay. ’Nuff said.

9. Flexibility. You can earn a BSN without being a full-time student. The flexibility of online education appeals to nurses who are interested in a higher degree, but are unable to devote the time all at once.

10. NP prep. It’s a stepping stone to getting the MSN as an NP.

11. Pride. The satisfaction of completing a bachelor’s degree.

12. Supplemental knowledge. Nurses who are interested in being the best they can be appreciate the extra knowledge that will enhance their everyday nursing skills.

Do you have a BSN degree? Tell us why
Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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