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Does Nursing Education Prepare Nurses for the Real World?

Discussions and questions about Nurse's Continuing Education.
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Does Nursing Education Prepare Nurses for the Real World?

Unread post by Adella » Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:16 pm

In a descriptive survey design, Candela and Bowles asked 352 recent nursing school graduates how well their educational programs had prepared them for their first jobs as registered nurses, and what, if any, did they identify as the inadequacies in their education? These recent graduates said they were inadequately prepared in pharmacology, clinical practice, leadership, and the use of patient electronic medical records. Most believed that their programs prepared them more for success on the NCLEX-RN exam than for practice.

To be fair, nursing school is about more than preparing a nurse for his or her first job. It's about preparing nurses for a profession -- a lifetime career.

It's possible that the right balance between the two hasn't yet been found, or that other strategies are needed to facilitate the transition to the nurse's "first job." This need was addressed by the Future of Nursing initiative.

Extract from Laura A. Stokowski, RN, MS-Overhauling Nursing Education

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