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Best Career Choices For Nurses

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Best Career Choices For Nurses

Unread post by ericacohen » Thu May 18, 2017 11:07 am

I have selected nursing careers due to their great salary,work , and high demand in medical field. if you are looking for great career in nursing, this post help you to find the high demand nursing job I collected salary data from Indeed.com .

1. Certified Dialysis Nurse

This is one of the high demand job in nursing career, dialysis nurse serve individuals who have problems with their kidney.

How to Become Certified Dialysis Nurse

To become qualified a certified dialysis nurse, it requires 2000 hours of experience in caring for nephrology plus dialysis patients two years.

Job Growth

Up to 26% by 2022


$63,500 a year.

2. Nurse Educator

A nurse educator who teaches nurses for practical positions. Nurse educator also teache in graduate programs at Master’s level doctoral level for advance practice in complex healthcare and educational organizations.

How to Become Nurse Educator

It requires a doctoral or master’s degree in nursing.

Job Growth

Up to 19% by 2022.


$65,000 a year.

3.Nurse Researcher

Nurse researchers work on reports they create reports on analysis and research based to improve medical and healthcare services.

How to Become Nurse Researcher

A registered nurse with a BSN can get this job.

Job Growth

Up to 26% by 2022.


$90,000 a year.

4. Travel Nurse

A travel nurse work is to provide healthcare services to those hospitals which have a short term need.

How to Become Travel Nurse

It requires two years of nursing experience and An RN license, a BSN also required.

Job Growth

By 2022, the demand will grow by 20%.


$70,000 + benefits and a housing allowance.

5. Nurse Case Manager

A nurse case manager who cares patients long-term care plans. the patient progress of health and alternative treatments.

How to Become Nurse Case Manager

It requires RN-MSN programs

Job Growth

Up to 26% by 2022.


$68,032 a year.

This is my first post on this forum. I hope it helps you to find great Nursing career best of luck for great journey of Nursing career.

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